Saturday, January 28, 2006

One thing leads to another

My last post leads me to this new post.

I think I'm hysterical (funny, that is).

Look, there I am, not even walking, but I know the importance of laughter. (with a hairdo like that, you better learn to laugh at yourself, and quickly).

Some of you may think that's a bad thing. "How can she be so full of herself?", you may ask. I, on the other hand, look at it this way...if I can't make myself laugh, then what fun is it to live in my head?

And since I have to be here, in my head, about 100% of the time (give or take a few percentage points...always allow for error, you know) I might as well enjoy it.

Now, apparently, many of you out there in blogland and right here in my own home, don't seem to "get" just how hysterically funny I really am.

My own husband, who, interestingly enough, has the potential to be the next American Idol, wasn't able to decipher my last post and realize I was ONLY KIDDING PEOPLE!!!

But that brings me to my next point: are we really understanding and receiving the true meaning of what people post on their blogs? Here, I was well intentioned to write what I thought was a tongue in cheek post...while everyone reading it completely misunderstood what I was trying to say.

I like to make fun of myself. What's the point in going through this life, if one can't do that? Is this defensive behavior?...perhaps. Is it because I like to smile and know that maybe I had a hand in someone else's lips turning upward? (please don't read anything into that)...more likely.

It's fun to make people laugh. I think it just might be one of the most powerful things we can do for someone. It is a well known fact that laughter releases endorphins, which elevate mood. We know that laughter can help fight off illness.

Anyway, back to my point (not really sure what that was). Oh,, how often is the written word misunderstood? How many times have you written a letter, sent an email, written a blog post knowing what you meant to say...but the receiver or receivers on the other end, totally misconstrue what you have written?

And whose responsibility is this anyway?...the writer or the receiver of the writing?

Did I really not make myself clear in my last post...or are you readers just a bit dense? (I'm only kidding, by the millions of readers are all quite brilliant).

So, I challenge you to take a careful look at what you write. Be sure the message you are trying to convey, is actually the one you are conveying. Do not take this lightly, as it may make all the difference in how your reader perceives you.

(I hope you know this is all in good fun...although I really do mean the part about how hysterical I am. Oh, and the part about whether or not your writing is understood by your readers)

Thank you all for reading and commenting (seriously, I mean that).

"If people don't like you, how will you know if you like yourself?" heard on Will and Grace


Regina Clare Jane said...

It can be very interesting blogging... you do it for yourself, yes, but I found I actually started to write what I thought others would think was interesting or wanted to hear about- and that drove me nuts! I went back to posting what I was interested in- and I am much happier. Oh, yes, sometimes I do feel almost jealous of those blogs that get a ginormous amount of comments, but then I think how much time those people must spend blogging- and I just don't have that kind of time. As for people understanding or misunderstanding, I get that more in e-mail. I just can't seem to get emotion across in e-mail. Blogging, yes, e-mail, no.
Keep up the good work, I say! I'm kind of like you... I like to keep my blog interesting and I think I'm funny, too! Must be all the Jerry Lewis I watch!

Sweettooth120 said...

"How many times have you written a letter, sent an email, written a blog post knowing what you meant to say...but the receiver or receivers on the other end, totally misconstrue what you have written?"

Ummm, YES. In fact that just happen. The person I was addressing I happen to know very well, but they didn't know it was me and did not pick up on the hints that it was me. They totally took it into a different direction than I anticipated. I thought I was being clever and it went right over his head. Oh well.

RJC - I know the feeling about writing with the audience in mind rather than what you want to write about. I admit that I do that. I sometimes hold back, but surprisingly, I have found that even on the most religiously conservative blogs, some topics are not as taboo as I would think. I don't think I am quite as freespirited with my postings as I sometimes wish I could be, or with my comments (CM...I think you know what I mean...SF ring a bell?) I tried it once or twice and it seemed that everyone stayed far away from it. In fact, I was reading Z's blog Matza and Marinara and she had a link to another person's blog that was quite freespirited and wrote openly about some funny topics. I commented that perhaps I should get an alias so I too could write about my boobs, the joys of sex and other fun adventures. Maybe then I will get some comments, unlike my previous posts. Hey, maybe I will just repost them. It may just open the floodgates of a new jblogger's women's revolution. : )

cruisin-mom said...

RCJ: Yes, I absolutely agree, you have to write about what interests YOU, and your like-readers will find you. I'm glad you're funny too! My husband and I still make eachother crack up after 23 years of being together...not bad!

S.T.: it is hard to know how far to go with your much to reveal, how "expressive" to get with your words. I have tried not to be too foul mouthed here (which, believe me, I could easily do!) because I don't want to turn people away. As far as "revealing"'s hard to know, it's a very personal decision...but, I like the idea of a women's jblogger revolution!!!

Neil said...

Like they say, comedy isn't easy. My posts are misconstrued all the time. When I wrote that Donny Osmond was my doctor for a day, people believed it. Being funny in words is sometimes difficult, unlike in real life, where the facial expressions can show the other the sarcasm. Some people use emoticons in emails to say what they are really meaning.

I just read over your post again -- and it still reads like you are serious. I think the trick is to somehow give more "signs" to show that it is supposed to be read funny. If you look at my latest post, I was worried that people would take it as the truth, so I changed the names of all the characters to absurd names, just to make it clear that the quotes were phony.

Sorry to ramble a bit, but this is a subject that is very interesting to me -- how to bridge the line between being humorous and realistic, and having people understand what you are doing. This is why most comedy movies end up being either unfunny or too silly.

cruisin-mom said...

Neil: You're not rambling, I appreciate everything you have said here. I personally have no problem deciphering out what's real and what's for fun in your posts. I think you have already mastered that...I on the other hand, will keep plugging away at it...write and learn.