Sunday, January 01, 2006

and the award goes to...

So what's the deal?...I'm not Jewish enough to be nominated for a J-Blog award?

I realize I'm new to all of this...but I noticed there IS an award for best new blogger.

All the blogs I read are busy boasting their nominations for the J-Blog awards.

When and where are these awards being held, anyway? Will Joan Rivers be "doing" the redcarpet? Do I need to buy a gown (and be prepared to tell Joan "who I'm wearing")?

When I created this as a fake blog last June (you know, so I could go around the blogoshere giving my 2 cents), I had no idea that I would end up in the company of mostly Orthodox Jews.

It all started when I began reading Robert Avrech's beautifully written He began by writing about the death of his wonderful son, Ariel. His honest and mesmorizing writings had me hooked immediately. Robert's blog has since turned into a forum for many things...the "screenplay-like" love story of he and his wife, as well as many political postings, which... well, as Robert knows...we just won't go there!

From there, I was introduced to TorontoPearl, who kindly befriended and guided me into this unknown territory of blogging. She has been my mentor, teaching me about the life and many traditions of Orthodox Jews. And, just like the commercial..."you tell two friends, and so on and so on..." I suddenly found myself immersed in a world I had no prior knowledge of upon entering the world of blogs.

Now I'm about as far away from being an Orthodox Jew as they you can imagine how eye-opening it has been for me to see another way of life, within my own religion.
(Thank goodness for Neil Kramer and Danny Miller...who remind me everyday, there are still Jews out there like me...not so religious, but definitely bound by culture).

Of course, Psychotoddler and Dr. Bean have taught me that you can be a really funny, heartwarming and politically aware Orthodox Jew...something I hadn't known before.

And so, although I'm new to all of this, I really thought that perhaps my writings had already begun to overwhelm you, hook you in, teach you great lessons in life, and just prove that, although not Orthodox... I can be a really funny, heartwarmimg, and politically aware (okay, maybe not so much political) Jew too!

To all the nominees...break a leg...afterall, just being NOMINATED is an honor, right?

As soon as anyone can tell me where and when these awards are being held...PLEASE, let me know...

I have the perfect " little black Calvin Klein number" on hold at Nordstrom's.


torontopearl said...

Definitely a laugh-out-loud nomination=worthy post.

And even though these are Jewish blogging awards, we still have to special-request a Kosher meal at the dinner. Sad, isn't it...?

Yes, to all fellow nominees, best of luck. Maybe I'll be lucky enough to get "Best in Show" -- oops, wrong award ceremony.

Neil said...

In my eyes, you're not an "official" blogger until you've written at least four months of posts. Many quit at that point. If you keep it up, I'll be the first to nominate you to the Jewish Blogger's Award. But having been to many Jewish events myself, are you really sure you would want to go to it?

cruisin-mom said...

Pearl: thanks, glad you lol'd

Neil: who can pass up a chance to dance a hora and eat rubber chicken...
And, by the way, thanks for blogrolling me...THAT'S a Jewish award right there!

Jack's Shack said...

My nomination got thrown out. It was a sad, sad day at the shack. Sniff, sniff.

It is not about the awards it is about what your blog brings to you.

PsychoToddler said...

Don't feel bad CM: Last year I didn't get nominated for a blessed thing.

And lookit me now!

For the record, I did NOT nominate myself for a single award.

I suspect the same can't be said for some of the others.

Mia said...

Don´t be sad, I also didn´t get nominated and I hope I am Jewish enough, even though also not orthodox.... (by the way you could nominate yourself :)

(and yes, I passed the 4 months of blogging and have no intention to stop as it is really something I do for myself as well as I am learning a lot about myself and of course enjoy reading all this interesting blogs.)

I like your blog and will come back to visit. Please don´t quit.

cruisin-mom said...

Thanks for visiting, Mia. I'm glad you enjoyed reading...I won't give up just yet!

Stacey said...

I was nominated by someone I respect and adore, however I think these awards are ridiculous. They are glorified popularity contests and everyone's blogging changes during this time. All everyone is doing is campaigning. I find it all distasteful.

cruisin-mom said...

Stacey, thanks for letting me know your thoughts about the awards. People shouldn't change how they blog, since that is what got them nominated in the first place! I wonder if there are awards for blogs other than the Jblogs?

Stacey said...

You might want to check out what I wrote here

cruisin-mom said...

not sure how you really reward writing that is so personal and meaningful in different ways to different people, but hey, I never really understood the Academy Awards either...but I love that "Red Carpet"!!!