Friday, January 27, 2006

I'm just a lonely girl, lonely and blue

(Addendum: As it turns out, people are good, they are really, really good. Apparently, this post has been taken seriously, and people seem to care! The world famous writer, Neil Kramer of, as well as my own husband (you know, the delusional one), my son, and my life-long friend, all believed that I was truly and seriously feeling lonely and begging for comments. Yikes...I was KIDDING!!! While it would be great to get 20 comments (because, let's face it, comments are half the fun of blogging), I am happy with the response I have gotten for just 2 months of blogging. And...I am very happy being shallow...because when you come right down to it...what's more important...icecream or politics? I think I know the answer to that....DO YOU?)

Disclaimer: That picture? Not me...

But, it's certainly how I feel. I'm frustrated...just a little bit.

I'm really enjoying blogging. I am surprised that I've had so much to say. But, I realize that what I talk about is pretty unimportant in the scheme of life.

There are people talking about politics, war, and the plight of global warming.

All of this, while I talk about pulling my pants down at Sears, what pizza topping best represents your secret fantasies, and my incredibly good- looking, sensitive, bright ( although slightly out of touch) husband, thinking he's the next American Idol.

And yet, I must talk about what's in my heart and head...I can't be who I'm not. So, what I've come to realize through all of this blogging, is that who I am not, is someone who is cutting edge brilliant, informative and educational.

And so, I am forced to face reality. I'm a lowly, lonely blog writer...shallow enough that if you dive into my blog-pool, you will crack open your head and the contents of your brain will fall out.

And yet, I can't help but believe that out there in the big blogoshere, there aren't others of my kind.

Those that like to watch t.v. while eating ice cream from the carton.
Those that believe that American Idol and Dancing with the Stars will send your spirit soaring.
Those that know that pizza toppings are the true road to hidden fantasies and happiness.

Okay, it's true. I have written a few heartwarming entries, about my dad, my grandparent's furniture wrapped in plastic, and sitting on Santa's lap at the age of 7.

But still, I remain frustrated, knowing that I will not make a difference in the world of politics, wars or global warming.

I fear that this has led to a lack of comments. I see the blogs that rack up 20, 30 comments in one shot, and my heart sinks.

Oh, if that were me.

I want comments, yes it's true...I blog for me and I blog for comments.

(i'm guessing I'll be lucky if I grab 2 0r 3 comments from this post)

If you are of "my kind" out there in the blogoshere, please, I implore you to let me know. I don't know if I can take another weekend of frustration and lonliness.

In fact, if you are of "my kind" (you know, shallow, uninformative, and uneducational)...perhaps we can stand together, side by side, shallow but strong.

We will shout it to the world...WE EXIST, WE COUNT, and WE ARE COMMENT- WORTHY.

Thank you


Neil said...

First of all, you're only been doing this for three months, so don't fret too much. Everyone feels the same way. Just be yourself and you'll find like-minded people. Search for "Dancing With the Stars" on Technorati and you'll find tons of other people who are writing about it. The only way I got comments is by commenting elsewhere. But basically, writing is a lonely occupation, so you need to enjoy it even if two people come by. Comparing yourself to those who write about big issues or salacious things is like comparing different genre books. Writing about personal stuff and slice of life stories will never attract the controversy and readers of those who are bashing Bush or talking about Israeli politics. But I wouldn't worry about it. It's better to have a group of loyal readers who you can consider "virtual friends" and relate to your interests than a bunch of anonymous strangers.

Sweettooth120 said...

I love it that you can shamelessly plug yourself. I am just too shy to do that, actually, it's more out of fear that someone will actually come and read me and then oh no, there are expectations and if it isn't perfect...oy the anxieties.

Hey I like the shallow end of the pool. There is more security and comfort in it.

torontopearl said...

I can't believe that after this post, which is truly like the Jewish Appeal fundraising drive, you only racked up a couple of comments before mine. I thought there'd be countless sympathizers in your corner.

I've also written about wanting comments, no... NEEDING comments. People will try to pacify me all the time. We're always half serious and half joking when we say it. These readers of ours should not be in denial; they should recognize a good thing when they see it, and comment on it. (I think this is Neil's record for length of that's a start!)

Better luck in the next blogging world!

Jack's Shack said...

It is all about the comments. ;)

Mia said...

I agree with Jack - comments is what makes me happy and I also agree with Neil, that people first need to know about your blog, so what´s better than commenting on others.

I read you second/new post too and I always thought your hillarious - BECAUSE of the topics in your blog (which I love). Please never change to politics or natural science :)

cruisin-mom said...

Neil: I think my addendum pretty much covers friend says she wants to marry you for how sweet your comment to me was. (Don't worry, she's married with 2 kids).

S.T. I shamelessly plug, because it's so much fun to receive comments. And so I will do the honors and give you a shameless plug...Sweettooth 120 has a wonderful blog...honest, sweet, funny, sincere. GO READ HER NOW!!!

T.P.: that is hysterical...I'm just like the Jewish Appeal fundraising drive... I guess you could say I have Jewish appeal!

Jack and Mia: thanks for the comment and compliment. Mia, I promise, I won't ever change!

Ezzie said...

I think you have more comments on this post than I got the first 3 months I blogged... (and yes, I know this post is somewhat sarcastic). Keep writing about what you enjoy, otherwise, there's really no point.

cruisin-mom said...

Ezzie: Welcome! Thanks for your comment. I've been following your comments on everyone else's blogs, and always enjoy them. I will check out your site.