Saturday, June 09, 2007

Still Here

Well, by now, I can't imagine that people even remember me, or think I'm still here.

But, guess what?...I am!

I miss writing, I miss reading, but for personal reasons I have had to basically quit the blogging world.

I miss walking through the memories in my head and heart and sharing them. I miss the comments from readers, that let me know they too had shared similar experiences and feelings.

So now, I watch too much t.v. and eat too much icecream.

I know more about Paris Hilton than I ever imagined wanting to know.

There are too many people trying to throw their hat into the ring of running for president.

Please don't tell anyone that I laughed all the way through "Knocked Up", even though it was a ridiculous premise and kinda raunchy.

I have written and self-published a children's book, accomplishing a dream I've had for 40 years. Some of you, who I communicate with personally, know about it. Due to my unwillingness to break anonymity, I won't be telling you about it...seems sort of ridiculous but that's the way it is for now.

I suppose no one will even be reading this...but the urge to write something was just too great...