Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Confessions of an old lady

How do I admit this? Should I admit this?
Okay...I'm going to admit this.


Okay, my head is hanging low. But, it's true...I watched every last mousketeery, hokey, over-acted moment of the thing.

Why, you ask? Well, I asked myself the same question. Over and over for 2 hours... while I sat glued to the television (well, except for the time I had to get up and refill the ice cream bowl).

What was so appealing to this almost 52 year old, flashingly menopausal woman that allowed me to give up 2 hours on a Friday night to dedicate to this Disney mega hit?

And, I don't have the excuse of young, Zac Efron-dedicated, crazed little girls forcing me to sit and watch with them.

While I watched the movie though, I noticed I had a smile on my face. I noticed that I wanted to sing along. I noticed that the lead girl, Vanessa (I think), is the 2007 version of Annette Funicello (anyone else notice that?). Zac Efron is a dead-ringer for David Cassidy. No wonder hearts are swooning over him.

These kids are such a ridiculous throw-back to a time long forgotten...that you just can't get enough. Sounds ironic? I think that's exactly what makes this so appealing.

The characters are just pure, and clean, and likable...and hey, who DOESN'T want to throw a musical extravaganza? I mean...really.

Who doesn't want to watch the most gorgeous boy and girl fall in love, and almost kiss at least five different times, sing in perfect harmony, and all the while spending their summer raising money to go to college?

The music, the dancing, the clothes, all a reminder of simpler times gone by.

Maybe it was 2 hours away from Lindsay, Paris, and Britney. Maybe it was 2 hours away from the sad realities of war, drunken celebutantes and low-life politics.

I can't say it was 2 hours of the best cinematic entertainment I've ever seen.

But, maybe, once in awhile, it's good for the soul to be transported back to a time filled with innocence, sweetness, the value of friendship, and puppy love.