Friday, February 06, 2009

I'm facebookin' you

Wanna freak your kids out? Get yourself a facebook account.

One of my friends told me I MUST get on facebook. Who am I to not follow the directions of a good friend?

So, I did.

What started as a place for college students to connect, has blown up into a monster of "cool connections" for every age. Even old fogies like myself.

But here's what I've noticed about Facebook.

People write little comments constantly updating you on their every move and thought.

Susie is: about to take a dump, feeling constipated.
Debbie is: in the mood for a massage...anyone willing?
Sandy is: going to watch American Idol (okay, so that one I can understand)

and on and on...

People seem to be even more addicted to this phenomenon than blogging.

It's crazy. This whole six degrees of separation is quite extraordinary. It's amazing to see how many people you can find if you just keep going through people's friends.

And yet, it's all just a little scary. The amount of detail you learn about people on Facebook sometimes falls into the category of TMI (too much information).

So, what is this phenomenon all about? Are we all so desperate to find people from our past?
Is this the only way we can connect with people?

Maybe it's comforting to know we can connect in a moment's notice in this great big world.

If you have any thoughts about this...I'd love to know.

Cruisin-mom: is off to the bathroom.......