Friday, March 24, 2006

It's Quittin' Time


(Well, probably not really, but that's how I feel).

Now, I know this will seem like a plea for let me just say upfront,


It's just me, speaking aloud, my thoughts and feelings.

As I go around the blogosphere, I come to many blogs that are actually talking about important things.

Politics, war, literature, poverty, changing the world.

And here I sit typing about game shows, a dog I loved and lost as a child, pizza toppings, stripping in hotel rooms, and plastic coverings on furniture.

Basically, I write about absolutely nothing of consequence, importance, or bettering the world.

So, I go back to the question, as so many bloggers seem to do at one point or another (in fact, I think I may have already written about this...see, that's what being 50 does, the memory brain cells decrease).

Why do this? Why write inane little stories, that do nothing to make a difference in this world?

Actually, in all honesty, I have no idea.

And, why put it out for public consumption?
I have been enjoying this new pursuit of writing, so why not just keep my own private journal?

The feedback is fun, no doubt about it. For some unknown reason, people come by and read my inane little posts and even take the time to comment.

But, I found myself waking up this morning feeling quite guilty and pathetic all rolled into one.


Why bother writing if you aren't making a difference? Why bother writing if you have nothing provacative to say?

When ever I see another blogger asking similar questions of themselves, I think:

"Oh shut up and write. If you enjoy it, write. If you don't, don't".
So, my conclusion?

No clue...

I can't become something I'm not...highly political, a well-read literary scholar, a current events aficionado, or an expert on child-rearing.

So, do I just keep writing inane things...wake up feeling guilty and pathetic every few weeks... eat some chocolate and hopefully get over it for a few more weeks?

(Christ, even this very post does absolutely nothing to help better the world).

Or, do I really try to become someone important. Someone of value. Someone of substance. Someone who is really making a contribution.

I just don't know.

Send chocolate, and I'll let you know later.


Neil said...

So, this weekend, why don't you think of something substantial and write about it! You can do it!

Wendy said...

Is every conversation you have earth-shattering? Or sometimes, do you call someone just to say hi? I think that sometimes we have important things to say. Sometimes we just need to make contact.

To me, blogging is about both.

Sweettooth120 said...

Well let's talk about Lost. Now that is something to really dive into.

: )

Danny said...

I constantly have similar thoughts but I really believe that there's no way YOU can know how what you're writing about is "contributing to the world." In my opinion, sharing your thoughts about family, pop culture, or any "inconsequential" part of your life can often resonate with others, entertain, make them think, and thus make a huge contribution. I think that if you TRY to write about so-called important things just because you think you should, that could be deadly. Besides, aren't pizza toppings and plastic coverings on furniture really metaphors you're expertly using to discuss the world condition?

Irina Tsukerman said...

This sounds remarkably familiar... and is already a contribution, knowing that I'm not the only one who is struggling with these questions!

Sweettooth120 said...

Randi, don't be so hard on yourself, because like danny said, no matter how trivial you think your posts are, they do contribute to bettering the world. They are thought provoking, for example, take your last post.

There is the topic of Canada, aging, weight, baldness, greed, gambling and indecisiveness. You see the contestants on the show are probably indecisive and neurotic and probably are going to a therapist. They are seeking help because they are addicted to gambling, can't ever make up their mind, and suffer from low self esteem due to their losing their hair, putting on weight and being eligible for AARP membership. What makes it worse is the medicine that they need to help them is too expensive or is only available in Canada, where they have Universal Healthcare and presciptions that people don't have to take out a second mortgage on their house, to afford.

See, it's a full circle. It's thought provoking and leads to further and deeper discussions.

Now why do you believe you aren't changing the world! : )

torontopearl said...


Here I go trying to cheer you up when I've gone through the same feelings.

I think Wendy has a great point; basic conversations do not mean presenting a thesis to a friend. They are about touching base, listening and talking about an array of items. Blogging is the same.

Your blog is you. F R E S H -- how many times can I say that and make you believe it?

Look who comes to visit you and comment; Neil and Danny are certainly a coup, and you got them here in just a few short months. They have something to say 'cause you have something to say...that makes them want to say something.

I once thought I had some smarts; I get on many many blogs and feel teeny tiny as a result; I am not up on current events, I am not up on politics, nor history, nor even current entertainment features. I can't even fake my way through commenting on some of these blogs.

But I am up on how I think, what I feel and how I present myself. We as bloggers are just sharing ourselves with whoever is out there to listen to us; we're not out to change the world.

But think of it, Randi. You've already changed the world for many of us just 'cause you've cruised into it.

Hope you continue cruisin'...!

Jack's Shack said...

Who are you blogging for? Is it for you or for others?

wanderer said...


Yeah, what they said.

Seriously, sometimes I feel the same way, especially after reading the Treppenwitzes and Seraphics out there. Don't be so hard on yourself. Just keep doing it if you enjoy it, the rest is commentary...

Ezzie said...

Blogging is for you, like Jack said, but if want to think it's about others, you can: Remember that you bring smiles to people's faces. That should be reason enough.

(And I can't believe I had to tell you that! Hmph. Here, after my mom read your hilarious comments to me right before Shabbos over the phone.)

cruisin-mom said...

Neil: I just may (but I don't want to be responsible for putting the whole blogosphere on tilt)

Wendy: That's a great perspective,never looked at it quite like that...thank you

S.T.: I must be the only person in America that doesn't watch Lost or 24. (Now, if you want to discuss Am. Idol!!!)

Danny: You found me out...plastic covers are just a euphemism for the war in Iraq. Thanks for your kind words as always.

Irina: you know I'm your biggest thanks!

You're a comedy writer, did you know that? And you have shown me that I have possibly saved the world with my last post.

T.P.: As always, you completely cheered me one has ever told me (at least not as of late, being 50 and all) that I'm FRESH!

Jack: Actually, I'm blogging just for YOU.

Wanderer: Yes, Robert's blog makes me feel like I lost my brain. Thank goodness for Babke.

Ezzie: Tell your mom to watch out... I'm adopting you...I can't believe you are a new HAPPY for you and Serach.

Stacey said...

I don't watch Lost or 24, either. In fact, I could throw out our TVs and never miss them. I have never been a TV person.

My blog is not changing the world but I don't care about that. That is not my goal. For me, blogging is all about keeping a journal of my life's events and my thoughts about such events.

The fact that I have made some wonderful friends along the way is just gravy!

cruisin-mom said...

Stacey: your blog proves that a life's journal is what people want to read...everyone loves to read and comment on your blog!

Jack's Shack said...


I appreciate that, but if you don't blog for yourself there is no point to it.

Regina Clare Jane said...

I struggle with this all the time, Randi... as you know. But I have come to the conclusion that we all contribute to this world by just being ourselves! That's all the G-d wants from us- to be the person He created. You are just being YOU-and I love YOU! If I didn't have YOU to get a different perspective on things and get a huge laugh, I would really miss that! Please don't quit!

cruisin-mom said...

Thanks RCJ: so good to have you back with your gentle words of wisdom! I'm not're stuck (if you want to come back) with me.

PsychoToddler said...

You should give up.

After all, not everyone can be Psychotoddler.

Y'know, dealing with important issues like...



Nerdy TV shows that nobody watches...



cruisin-mom said...

P.T.: DAMNIT! You're right...I quit now...I could never compete with the likes of you. Hmmmm, wouldn't believe what happened to me in the bathroom last nite...(tmi for you?)

Head over heel said...

I just got around to read this post and I have to tell you that I love your post, every single one of them. I even talk about your post to my husband and my mother. Keep on going you're a great inspiration. It's not the very substantial things that matter it's the little bitty things in between that rule our least mine!!!!!

cruisin-mom said...

HOH: Wow! thanks so much...I'm glad you like what I defintitely makes it more fun if you know someone is enjoying what they're reading.

Postmodern Sass said...

Are you on the email list for the Carnival of the Mundane? You submitted last time... keep 'em coming, and let your readers know about it, too, so they can join us. (The whole idea of a blog carnival is to cram as many people under that big tent as possible!) Please email me with your email address & blog name so I can keep you up to date (postmodernsass @