Wednesday, December 27, 2006

I heart Letterman

If you've been following this blog for a while, you know I LOVE David Letterman.

Yep, that's me, and Dave. See a resemblance?

Now, I've noticed lately, that my comments are waaaay down. Perhaps I have lost my magic; perhaps it's preoccupation with the holidays; perhaps I'm not as important as I would like to believe I am.

So, until I see more comments here, I really don't see a reason to grace you with my wit and wisdom.

Instead I shall provide you with this link.

I hope you enjoy it. If you do, please comment.

If I receive enough comments, then perhaps I shall reward you with a posting.


torontopearl said...

That's definitely worthy of a comment. Loved it. Spotted your infamous In 'n Out Burger.
If it were Kosher, I'd be there in a jiffy!!!

Hint: To get your comments up, Randi...write about Internet plagiarism ;)

Neil said...

This is called blackmail.

Val said...

Perhaps instead of counting commenters, you should check page visits, etc... I keep stopping her and being disappointed with the lack of posting and I'm pretty sure that I comment on each of your past posts... so why am I being punished with the lurkers???!!!! It's just not fair! :: stamping my feet!::: Ok... will you please write a post?!

Anonymous said...

you do resemble Dave!

Anonymous said...

Letterman is the best. He's such an endearing, hapless goof - effortlessly. His style reminds me of why I find one of my brothers so infuriatingly funny.

Have you been commenting on other people's blogs? You gotta give the love to get the love! :)

Ezzie said...

Fine. I'll comment. Here. :)

(Hey, some of us are starting to get busy...!)

In all seriousness, I'd guess that comments drop in December. Most businesses run on a year-end basis, more people take their vacations year-end, and many businesses are incredibly busy at this time of year. And since we all know that most people blog from work... :) You figure out the rest!

Leann said...

hey what am I chopped liver?seems I havent seen you on mine eather!takes two honey.some poeple read and dont post a comment.its not nice but they do it.just use your blog as your out let.that wa if no one reads it you still win.

Sweettooth120 said...

I have been out of town, NY in fact and damn, do you know they REALLY give out tickets to those who drive and talk on their cell phones without a headset? NY sucks! (Just kidding)

How's that for a comment. Sorry I haven't been around to read and comment on yours and others. I promise to be a better blogfriend - until I am called away again, which may be very, very soon.

kasamba said...

Crusin, the most comments I got was when I wrote about sheitels!!!

Hey, what am I? Chopped liver? Aren't I worth it?
I wait for your next post with anticipation!

Anonymous said...

always read - can't say i always comment - but i DO really enjoy! Your humor is great and youre a positive person!
I've noticed a lot of comments going down in gen on all blogs..
For me it's simply more time to read..
sending warmth your way - and happy holidays!

Danny said...

The most comments I got was when I wrote about my bris. Oy. But don't judge your readership by your number of comments--there are plenty of (quiet) people enjoying your words!

(Your threat worked though, didn't it?)

Mia said...

I am still here, still reading, not always finding time to comment, but please don´t go away - I love your posts!!!

cruisin-mom said...

Pearl: Yes, did you catch the audience going crazy when they hit In and Out?!
Hey, I think that's my next move...I'll plagiarize and see how many comments I get :)

Neil: you betcha baby

Val: Stomping your feet...really, how undignified.

Margaret: Thanks, I know! Thanks for stopping by.

r.m.: Dave's style is great. And, yes, I do comment on other blogs, probably not enough though: GUILTY!

Ezzie: You mean I'm not as important as someone's vacation, or business? Pu-leeeze.

leann: okay, guilty as charged...I've read, but not commented.

S.T.: uh-oh...sounds like someone got a've been away, so you're forgiven.

kasamba: you are a loyal commentor...and hey, what's wrong with chopped liver?

t.o.w.i.k.: awww,thanks for the compliments and holiday wishes.

Danny: see, it worked...I got you to comment! I can see a bris being a heavy comment puller. My colonoscopy pulled a lot of comments...who knew!

Mia: Thanks!...I'm not going anywhere!

Ezzie said...

Maybe. :)

(Plus, hmph. Haven't seen you commenting, either! :P )

Sheyna Galyan said...

[singing sadly]
"I'm all out of words,
I'm so lost without them,
I know how to write,
believed it for so long;

"I'm all out of words,
what am I without them,
I can't be too late
to say not commenting is so wrong..."

Trying to get this novel done, and while I enjoy reading blogs as a break, sometimes there are just no words left in my head. I'll be better once the manuscript is finished and off to my editor!

Baleboosteh said...

OMG are you sure you are not related to Letterman??!

By the way, you have not 'lost your magic'. I love your posts and I think you have written some of the most entertaining post I have read in the past 6 months I have been blogging!


Anonymous said...

just got back online...happy sylvester...always love your blog

Anonymous said...

Those pics of you and Dave were what put you on my blogroll!
Have a great new year!

Wishing I was a said...

I might not be commenting, but I sure am smiling!!! Don't do it for us, do it for you, and we'll go along for the ride!

PS Dahling, you have the most FANTASTIC hair!

Anonymous said...

Man that resemblance is uncanny!

Anonymous said...

So old and yet so funny!

Anonymous said...

Have we been good yet, "Mom"? Do we get another post? :)

cruisin-mom said...

Ezzie: Have toooo!

Sheyna: thanks for stopping by...waiting to see that book! (great song lyrics, by the way!)

Baleboosteh: aww, you are sweet!

Marallyn: had to look up that Sylvester thing :(

RCJ: that's so funny!

Wishing: thanks!...and yes, I do have fantastic hair :)

Sanjay: thanks for stopping by...yep we could be twins :)

prag: welcome back! yep, I love that video

R-mom: you are so funny...I've been trying to come up with something all the block again! Yikes

Mia said...

Please send me an email or send me your email address as a comment. Would like to be in touch via email if possible. Mia

cheated are the clouds said...

hi cruisin, i have been a bad blogger i am sorry, like the blackmail tactics, nicce now don't tell me you are loosing your hair like david, you do resemble him, you have his wit, "cruisin letterman" has a nice ring to it

Ralphie said...


cruisin-mom said...

Cheated: Cruisin-Letterman...I like it!

ralphie: hey, look at that...I got you to comment :)

Solomon2 said...

Letterman decided he liked how you looked and told his plastic surgeon to do his best. What's the big mystery here? :)