Saturday, December 09, 2006

Mr. Cruisin: walkin the red carpet

I started this blog back in June '05 so I could comment on others.

It was not until Dec. 12, that I actually started to regulary write here.

So, as I approach my one year anniversary of writing on a regular basis, I have been re-reading the things I wrote last year at this time.

As I read through my past posts, I am quite impressed. I didn't know I had it in me to be so funny at times, so thoughtful and esoteric at times, and just plain ridiculous at times. (not to mention quite modest, don't you think?)

I reported this to Mr. Cruisin...letting him know that I was quite impressed with some of my writings...referring of course to some of my more moving, thought-provoking pieces.

And here is what he said...

"Gee, my favorites are the ones about me".

and he said this quite seriously ( yeah...enough about me, let's talk about me)

Mind you, my husband is a simple, unassuming guy. He isn't flashy and hangs onto possessions for a very long time (lucky for me, he likes things that are old, yet in fairly good working condition).

So, it's rather adorable that he would come up with such a statement. (you can imagine how much he is loving the fact that I am referring to him as adorable).

And it's true, he has been my greatest muse. He let's me make fun of him and gush about him. How cute is that? (can you see his eyes rolling right about now?).

I think that he secretly (well, I guess with a statement like: "Gee, my favorites are the ones about me", maybe it's not so secret) likes being the focus of a great deal of my writings.

And what's not to like if you really think about it. Afterall, I've:

  • compared him to Paul McCartney (in a good way, that is)
  • referred to him as my "knight in shining armor"
  • sung his praises when it comes to fixing my sagging bushing
  • bragged about him taking on our rotting patio cover
  • provoked sympathy from readers when he broke his toe.
Come to think of it...he gets more attention around here than I do. Why, he was even dubbed with a nickname: Mr. Cruisin!

But, am I jealous? NO WAY! Afterall, this being the season of giving, I am in touch with my inner "giver". Tis better to give than receive, right?

So, if I can make this poor old guy feel like a star...why not. In fact, I think that I get the largest response of comments when I write a Mr. Cruisin post. And, I don't think asking me to roll out a red carpet, and flash my new digital camera at him when he comes home each night is asking too much, do you?

Who knew when I started to post "for real" last year, that my husband would become a star here just one short year later.

So, let's hear it for Mr. muse, my man.

(we'll see how many frickin comments come in because this is a Mr. Cruisin post...Ba-Humbug)

(oops, did I just say that out loud?)


Anonymous said...

Um... which one is Mr. Cruisin'?
Husbands are good fodder, I will say that!
Oh, and congrats on the anniversary-I look forward to many more years of reading about the "star" ;)
p.s. you are awesome, c-m!

torontopearl said...

Hey, we need comments from Mr. Cruisin' about this...we don't want to hear his thoughts second-hand. How's about it, sir?

And as I've said before, Mr. Cruisin' should meet Mr. TorontoPearl one day. Let the two exchange notes about their wonderful spouses; we've aired enough about their wonderfulness (is that a word?)!

Anonymous said...

love that mr. cruisin' reads and loves your too...stay safe

Chana said...


Someone... a razor... QUICK!!!!

cheated are the clouds said...

Isn't it true the stand up guy never gets the glory, abbot and costello, the smothers brothers, the poor guy being made fun of, gets the glory, Mr cruisin has it all figured out on his way to the red carpet, And I agree with Marallyn that it is great he reads and enjoys your writings, Happy anniversary, nice work

kasamba said...

All hail Mr Crusin!!!!

(one word: wax)

Baleboosteh said...

Maybe Mr Cruisin should start blogging??

Claire said...

Hee, cruisin-mom - we all knoe you are the real star here, right?


cruisin-mom said...

RCJ: Mr. Cruisin is whichever one you imagine him to be :)

T.P.: Mr. Cruisin says: "no comment". And yes, wonderfulness is most definitely a word!

MBM: Thanks!

Chana: YIKES!

Cheated: you're right...I'm Dickie Smothers, George Burns, and Ricky Ricardo all rolled into one.

kasamba: "all hail"...please, let's not go overboard now, shall we? (I've tried for years to get the guy to wax)

Baleboostah: no way...he likes to leave all the writing to me (as long as it's all about him!)

Claire: awwww, you're sweet (and right, of course ;)

Ezzie said...

Uch, I thought I commented over the weekend...

Yay, Mr. Cruisin'! So when do we start seeing Mr. C's comments and posts?!

Wishing I was a said...

All I know is there is no one who appreciates your humor and your hair as much as I do, besides Mr. Crusin! But I wouldn't go as far as saying "all hail....."

cruisin-mom said...

Ezzie: Mr. C refuses to comment or post...I think he intimidated by me :)

Wishing: now, now...I think Mr. Cruisin deserves that "all hail"!!!

Irina Tsukerman said...

That IS adorable!
Congratulations on that blogiversary, cruisin' right along! : )

cruisin-mom said...

Irina: thanks for the good wishes :)