Thursday, January 04, 2007

Indulge your won't be sorry

Thank you all for responding to my blackmail. I must say, it warms the cockles of my heart to know just how intimidated you all are of little ol' me.

So, now that I know this, I shall wield my powers to get you to do just one more thing.

Please take a moment to stop by and read Jaime...better known as Sweettooth over at A Little Indulgence.

I really can't remember how I first came to Jaime's blog. The usual way I suppose. I probably read a comment of hers on someone's post, and followed it back to her blog.

Lo and behold I found a "young" east-coast version of myself! We love the same music, movies, have had similar childhood experiences, it's just that I did it all before her!

I have no problem with the fact that she is waaaay younger than, no, not at all.

Don't worry Jaime, you'll be having colonoscopies, and flashing soon too.

Jaime's posts are open and honest about things going on in the moment. She is insightful and sensitive, and you won't be sorry you stopped by.

Go ahead, indulge your sweet tooth.

okay Jaime, I can expect the check, when?


torontopearl said...

Randi, are you sure you don't work in the entertainment biz as an agent or manager -- you've got the style to get others interested in your "client"!

Sweettooth is definitely worth reading and getting to know.

Don't forget I have both your taste in the "golden oldies" too -- we're still hoping to all meet at Feinstein's in NYC one day...aren't we?

Sweettooth120 said...

Sweetie, thanks for the ego boost. As you know this has been quite an emotional week for our family but I did smile and think of you when I saw the babke being brought out to the table this evening.

Hey Pearl, I was in NY last week and probably will be visiting again next week nu? If Feinstein's doesn't work out, there is always a shooting range somewhere nearby. CM, I hear that tickets to NY are quite cheap these days.

Claire said...

Thanks for the recommendation - away I go to indulge my sweet tooth!


Wishing I was a said...

Dahling, you really should be in Hollywood! You'd make a fortune as an agent! Went to Jamie's blog, how beautifully she writes. I posted a comment, thanks for the recommendation! Love ya Dahling!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pointer! Loved your Letterman post (again :)

And hey - do you know where your comment went on my blog? Weird!

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the tip...she writes a lovely blog and i look forward to visiting there again...a sweet shavuah tov cruisin'

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip. I am with Pearl, you should be an agent!! Visited Sweettooth blog today and added her to my RSS feed - looking forward to read more of her.

PsychoToddler said...

I like how you put "young" in quotes.

cruisin-mom said...

thanks for visiting Jaime, everyone.

P.T.: that's just because you're the same age...yeah yeah, you're "young" too.