Saturday, October 28, 2006

I'm singin' and dancin' in the...SHOWER?

I don't think I've made it a secret that I love "Dancing with the Stars".

Call me shallow, call me what you will.

I have racked my brain about what it is I find so irresistable about this show.

Is is the stars themselves? Is it the professional dancers? Is it the live band trying so hard to do their own special rendition of songs we all know? Is it the amazingly skimpy, sexy costumes that I could only fantasize about wearing? Is it Joey Lawrence's bald head?

Perhaps it's all of that.

Mostly, I just love to watch dancers. I am awestruck by how one can move and contort their body in such a way, that it becomes a beautiful dance. It seems unfair that only a select few have the true capability to do this.

Are you born this way or is it training?

The other day, I told a friend that I have two be a dancer, and to be a singer.

Now, mind you, I have no aptitude for either. When I sing, my kids ask me to please "SHUT UP" (but very politely, mind you). When I dance, well, let's just say Jerry Springer and I would make perfect dance partners.

This friend told me "you can do both Cruisin'...all it takes are some lessons". I laughed, rather loudly, in her face.

Really...can you make a silk purse out of a sow's ear? Can you make Audrey Hepburn out of Mama Cass? (of course Mama Cass could sing, couldn't she?) Can you make Fred Astaire out of Herman Munster?

I mean, come on, they couldn't even make "Britney Spears" out of Britney Spears.

So, no...I don't think you can make Paula Abdul out of Cruisin-mom.

But one can continue to fantasize, right?

So, this morning I'll go into the shower, like I do every morning...and put on a great concert.

(oh you don't do that?)


Anonymous said...

Yes, but Audrey Hepburn couldn't sing...
I'm glad you told us you go into the shower EVERY morning, c-m... I was beginning to wonder. We all have our fantasies, like I fantasize about being a real grown-up... ah well, I can fantasize, can't I?

Claire said...

I'm currently awaiting the results show of the UK version of DWTS...I love it! I'm also a big shower-singer, but then, I sing everywhere!


cheated are the clouds said...

Hey cruisin great minds think alike, we must have dancing on our brains, hey singing is great, i cannot sing and i have been on stage a few times wailing away, as for the dancing like I said I have one move with a toe tap in it, but I also agree they could not change cheated into a dancing machine, it is against all rules of nature

Jack's Shack said...

Jerry can dance. Hell of a Mambocist.

Mia said...

I think people are born with certain talents and those you can train to perfection. Not sure I could ever be a singer or dancer on a professional basis.... I can´t hold a tune :D

My big fantasy was always that I will wake up one morning and be a great pianist!

torontopearl said...

I'll throw pennies at you if you sing AND dance.

I love singing; I love singing in the shower -- the acoustics are superb. The shower stall is my own little recording studio.

Anonymous said...

I do all of the above ...sing, dance, play piano, imagine being a star...hey, why not?!!! ;)

Stacey said...

Oh yes I do!! I love to sing and for me, ballet is where it's at.

I've never seen that show. I hate watching TV, so probably never will, but I do know that Jack is completely obsessed with it!

Ezzie said...

Can't say I'm into the show, though Serach watched it a few times. I like watching people dance or sing, but I just wasn't all that into it...

Ezer K'negdo said...

I am not into the 'reality' shows. We like "Studio 60" and the original "CSI" in Las Vegas, but really, and I've said this before, the free-based heroin of TV is "24". It's simply impossible not to watch :-)

cruisin-mom said...

RCJ: Well, she did sing Moon River in Breakfast at Tiffany's, but she wasn't good enough to really sing in My Fair Lady.

Claire: You sing everywhere? Do you have a good voice? (or you're just not shy!)

CATC: Yep, dancing is the subject of the week I guess :)

Jack: Actually, I thought he did a great job with his Fox Trot. And had a great sense of humor throughtout the whole show.

Mia: there's an idea for a post...what is your fantasy, if you could do anything (keeping all fantasies clean, of course!)


Suzanne: hey, good for go girl :)

Stacey: you know I love you but...YOU HATE T.V.? you know, you would LOVE the Food Network, and HGTV (Home and Garden tv)

Ezzie: I thought for sure you would love that show...there's even a football player on it :)

E.K.: I've still never gotten into 24, and I know everyone loves it. Tried studio 60, but I really love "What ABout BRian" which is on at the same time.

(My God, I sound shallow, don't I?...oh well)

Anonymous said...

Have similar dreams
i think i have the aptitude - but would need lessons

so like you - i do what i can..

Dont sing in the shower, but i do dance in the bedroom

Anonymous said...

and Im ENTHRALLED when i see people dance and move their bodies...

kasamba said...

You carck me up CM!

Plus the shower gives ypou that extra vibrato!

Elie said...

I can only do those Jewish simcha dances - the male ones that is, where there are no steps. Anything that involves coordination, forget it!

Head over heel said...

Good post C-M! Were do you always find those pics! Dancing I love dancing and I would say I'm quite good at it. But singing I must sound awfull, even though I like to sing. In the shower I love it the most, somehow by the echo or whatever of the water and the tile wall it somehow sounds nice.

Sweettooth120 said...

Ok Randi - what came first the picture or the post? Are you sure there isn't more to this fantasy than wishing to be EXACTLY what my dream is to be?

So not only do we have a million other things in common, we also have this secret desire to be a singer and dancer? Actually, mind is to be a Broadway singer/dancer or Rockette, heck I would even settle for a lounge singer. Where else can you dressed up to the nines and lay across a baby grand and sing those wonderful old standards.

marallyn ben moshe said...

i loveeeeeeeee that show and we get two versions...the british and the israeli...i may never see jerry springer but i'm with you day years ago my friend the guv and i were driving in the country...canada...we stopped at a field of a gazillion chickens...she looked at me...i looked at her...we jumped out ouf the car and went into our impromptu version of THERE'S NOOOOO BUSINESS LIKE SHOOOOO two seconds 742,000 chickens took to the hills...only one was left...must have been handicapped...but he did flutter his little wings...the guv and i curtsied, got back into the car and drove off singing LIKE NOOOOO BUSINESS I KNOW

Wendy said...

I can't sing. At all. In chorus, the teacher told me to mouth the words. But I sure do sing in the shower. And the car. I don't care if it bugs the kids!

I don't watch Dancing with the Stars - but you make it sound so appealing, maybe I should start!

Chana said...

Hello!!!! Eye candy!! I was NOT expecting that!! (Now I need a cold shower, LOL...)

All this talk of singing and dancing reminds me of my Previous Life (TM)... I took dance lessons for several years as a kid, and especially loved tap dancing. I got serious about music as time went on and was a music major in college. After college I played in several community orchestra, and sang in our city's symphony chorus. That was pretty cool until I started getting serious about Judaism... it became a conflict with Shabbat, and I definitely couldn't stomach the annual Holiday Pops concert anymore! Too bad... I got to sing some awesome choral music, like Beethoven's 9th symphony, Carmina Burana, some short opera stuff... but in classical music, you can't swing a chicken over your head without hitting a composer who wrote for the church, natch! That was how they made a living back then...

cruisin-mom said...

towik: Dancing in the, please...I WOULD NEVER do that :)

kasamba: you're right...never thought about that before!

elie: that's really need some lessons :)

HOH: I love dancing too, unfortunately I'm no good at it...lucky for you that you are.

S.T.: yeah, big surprise we both like the same thing. The pic came after the post...pretty good though, huh?
Ever see the fabulous Baker Boys with Michelle Pheiffer and the Bridges brothers?

Marallyn: you can even make chickens run away? YIKES!

Wendy: LOL! the teacher told you to mouth the words..that's bad.

Chana: great story! I took tap as a kid too...never got good at it though!

StepIma said...

As a fellow shower-singer, this post really made me laugh -- meanwhile, I saw your comment on EK's blog and it made ME smile ... email me when you get a chance?