Tuesday, February 07, 2006

My Link to Letterman

Here is what I didn't reveal in my last post...

While Jay was toddling by in his stinky little car, his head swiveled, did a double take, and yelled out, "Hey, you look familiar!"

That's me, age 7. Quite a hairdo for a 7 year old, don't you think?

And those teeth...can you say braces?

Little did I know that about 15 years after this photo was taken, I would discover I had a male "look-alike".

I was always an avid Carson fan. Throughout the 1970's and 80's, I'd end each night with Johnny and his guests.

One night, a young comedian made his first appearance doing stand-up.

I was mesmorized, couldn't take my eyes off the screen. A shiver went down my spine and goosebumps up and down my arms. Every cliche you could think of, I felt.

Upon completing his routine, Carson waved the young comedian over to his desk...the holy grail of approval from Johnny Carson, that every new comedian sought.

I couldn't move, I couldn't speak. I was dumbfounded. The icecream bowl fell from my hands.

It was just like looking in a mirror.

The resemblance was nothing short of amazing. I knew in my heart that this could not be a coincidence. There had to be a connection.

And his humor...why this guy was almost as funny as me! That's when I knew for sure, that I had to find out...who was this fresh, new comedian? And why did he look just like me?

I knew these would not be easy questions to answer. My work was cut out for me. This would be my personal journey, my Mount Everest, my Olympic Gold Medal, my Oscar.

I followed the career of the young comedian closely. I would not give up until I knew...why, how could this person be my veritable twin?

Soon, he would have an irreverant Late Night talk show (predicated on throwing produce off of tall buildings) that would gather a loyal following.

As his popularity soared, my quest to find my connection to this man intensified.

Years have gone by, and I still search for the answer to my question. I may never know or understand how this man, my clone, my comedic equivalent...is connected to me.

But, I will continue to wonder and search and know, that somehow, someway... David Letterman and I share a link, a heritage, a genetic pool.

For now, that will have to be good enough.


Regina Clare Jane said...

Oh, crusin-mom- you are too funny! In fact, I think you are cuter and funnier than DL! You should send this to him- he might use it on the show, then invite you on, and the next thing you know! Stardom for cruisin-mom! You can send me the check later...:)

torontopearl said...

Cruisin' Mom, RCJ is right. You are funnier than him AND you write your own material. Do send this blog post to him.

I went to a taping when I was in NYC about 4 years ago -- dedicated hubby and I went right from the airport to the show to pick up our tickets. Let me tell you, the build-up is hype -- lots of rules, lots of waiting, lots of cold air in the studio!

I think you should audition to take over his chair behind the desk. I'll be your sidekick in lieu of Paul (another Canadian), and it'll be the Randi & Pearl Show, just like we talked about several months ago. Only then, it was the Pearl & Randi Show!

wanderer said...

I third the motion. Send those two pictures to him! I bet they'll get on the show! Maybe you too...

Stacey said...

Too funny! I LOVE Letterman. He is from Indiana (do you have any IN relatives?). Leno sucks.

cruisin-mom said...

well, I think you are all just a little too nice. While I agree that I'm probably funnier, NOT! (and cuter, as you say RCJ), somehow, I don't think Dave will feel quite the same way!

Neil said...

So cute! Do you still look the same?

cruisin-mom said...

Neil: do you think anyone would have married me if I still looked like that?!!!

Jack's Shack said...

Stacey is just jealous. She looks like Patrick Stewart, same hair. ;)

Wendy said...

You're a riot! I followed some links to find you, but am glad I did. Thanks for the laugh!

cruisin-mom said...

Jack: It's always about the Shmata Queen with you, isn't it?!!!lol

Wendy: welcome! Glad you came by. I suspect you found me through Neil Kramer, the funniest man on the internet.