Friday, December 16, 2005

Songs in the Key of Life

I love music...songs are like tiny threads that make up the tapestry of our lives. Just 3 notes of a song can send you spiraling right back to a memory...first kiss, graduation, high school dance, college, or the day you applied for your first job.

I remember the Beatles appearance on Ed Sullivan... when I hear those songs, I feel eight years old. Put a Chicago album on, and I'm a 16 year old going to her first concert all over again. Without Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen, I may not have made it through college. I actually lived (and danced, and even more frightening...dressed) through the disco era. Anyone dumped by a boyfriend knew every single word to "I Will Survive".

Music can bring you up or down. Nothing evokes emotion more.

Think about how different a movie would be without it. Without the music, you may not know to be frightened by the impending shark in the water. Without Harry Connick Jr. singing in the background, Billy Crystal running through the streets of Manhattan to get to Meg Ryan might have looked ridiculous (well, okay... maybe he did anyway, but you get my point).

Next time a certain song comes how you change, perk up or go down. Just curious...What are the songs that make up your tapestry?


torontopearl said...

Firstly, I'll have you know that earlier this year I had a post by the same name!

Just about every and any song does something for me -- hearing certain ones trigger memories you didn't even associate with that song, but apparently your subconsious does.

But one of the most powerful pieces for me is the theme song from Schindler's List-- put it on and I'm bawling like a baby, not just because of the movie scenes it makes me recall, but rather, because it relates to the movie, which relates to my family history in the Holocaust, which saddens me to no end.

cruisin-mom said...

Hi Pearl...well, we both stole that title from Stevie Wonder! I don't remember the music from Schindler's list, but I have no doubt that it's beautiful.

Stacey said...

Cruisin: You and I have such similar tastes in music! And yes, to me the senses of smell and sound are the closest linked to memory.

I agree with Pearl about the Schindler's List music. It is chilling.

cruisin-mom said...

See, do have the musical taste of a 50 year old! I agree about smell,too...can also send you right back to an old memory.

Sweettooth120 said...

This is just too strange, both this one and the one before (there even may be more, but I am new to your site and haven't read through them all) are exactly what's been on my mind lately and what I wanted to write about. I totally agree with Stacey - smell and sound just evokes so many memories.