Sunday, December 18, 2005

Hanukah, Shmanukah...let's have a "Holiday Party"

Last night was our annual Hanuk (oops, sorry) "Holiday Party". Friends and relatives seem to look forward to our party each year...and why not...we provide ambience, plenty of libations, free food (as my husband says, if you feed them, they will come) including homemade latkes (well from the box, but, let's face it, who wants to peel 50 potatoes when Manischewitz will do it for you).

The evening plays out the same each year...I spend the day setting up tables, chairs, decorationg, filling vases with flowers, finding places to hide all the crap laying around the house so people will actually buy that we are clean and neat.

After spending 8 hours readying the place, I rush upstairs to shower and easy feat when you are now 50...just in the nick of time to greet our family and friends. In they swarm...suddenly the house is filled with 40 people (small this year in comparison to the ususal 55).

When everyone has arrived, it's time to unveil the beautiful Brent's deli platters. Suddenly the room stops, they look, and then it happens...they's the wedding scene right out of "Goodbye Columbus" all over again. Now for those of you who don't know...Jews love their deli...nothing comes between a Jew and his deli. My husband swears he can hear the music from "Jaws" playing whenever the crowd hits the food. Within 10 minutes, the latkes are completely devoured...deli is strewn about everywhere. People's clothes are half torn off from being pushed and pulled out of someone's way. It is not a pretty scene. But it's a scene that takes place, year after year, for the last 16 years.

When the feeding frenzy ends...a quiet, yet eery hush befalls the room. That is the sound of 40 satisfied's a beautiful and, may I add, gratifying sound.

A little time passes, and the guests begin to come to life again. Feeling satiated and replenished...we are able to move on to the next festivities of the evening...the "$5 gift exchange game". That's when everyone is assigned a number. When their number is called, they choose a gift. The next person called, can either pick a new gift, or steal from another. The frenzy begins again...40 adults become ruthless over a box of Jelly Bellies, or a Starbuck's gift if the future of their life depended on getting that gift. By the end of the game, everyone has a cheap $5 gift in hand, and once again the crowd is subdued and satisfied.

Next, a little dessert is in order (a "little" meaning 4 cakes, 5 dozen chocolate chip cookies, 3 dozen brownies, a chocolate cream pie, and plenty of candy). Don't worry, I didn't bake all of that. Several guests were kind enough to contribute to the dessert brigade.

Soon the party ends...kisses and hugs abound everywhere. The door closes...and the clean up begins. On comes the Christmas music for clean-up inspiration (oops, did this nice Jewish girl say that?...well, I did already admit to this a few postings ago).

Now, I have an amazing husband, who has the joint cleaned up in no time. This man is from the "take no survivors" school of clean-up... "toss out everthing that isn't battened down"...I'm lucky he doesn't toss me out. So, within an hour clean up is complete.

Time to debrief about the party...but we're both too tired to say much...we just live with another year of satisfaction, knowing that we are responsible for sending 40 Jews back out into the world with a full stomach and a crappy little $5 gift...the true meaning of Hanuk (oops, I mean "the Holidays")


torontopearl said...

This is a smile-on-my-face kind of post! Keep up with the excellent and entertaining writing.

BTW, where's my cheap $5 gift...huh?

cruisin-mom said...

thanks Pearl for such a great review! As for the $5 can have mine...a crappy bar of soap.

Jack's Shack said...

Brents is awesome. Love that place.I keep wondering if they will ever expand. Some of those booths are awfully small.

Stacey said...

I have heard of Brent's all the way here in Texas. I hope to eat there someday!

Sounds like you had a great party!

Stacey said...
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cruisin-mom said...

Jack and Stacey...Brent's is the best..come on out Stacey...we'll take you there!

Danny said...

This description is dead-on, have you been to my family's gatherings? We're having our holiday party this weekend and I'm already quaking that there won't be enough food (when in reality there will probably be enough to feed a small European nation). We also play the dreaded gift exchange game and it always amazes me how each year one item that could be easily be found on any drug store shelf suddenly becomes the Golden Chalice that everyone fights over. Oy.

Chag sameach.

cruisin-mom said...

Danny... "This description is dead-on"...quite a compliment coming from you, a phenomenal writer...Thanks! And, so true about that one stupid gift! (just make sure you have enough latkes...we ran out, fast)