Thursday, November 09, 2006

Take me home

Curtis, the take home chef
inspired by Neil

On my third date with Mr. Cruisin', he brought me back to his house and cooked me a meal.

Yes, it worked...I was duly impressed, and knew that this was the man I had to marry. Let's not forget this is the same man who had decorated his livingroom with splashes of mauve (oh relax, it was the '80's you know).

We dipped cubes of sourdough bread into a lovely fondue, as we gazed into eachother's eyes.
We drank wine, and laughed, and talked...all the while I was thinking...Yep, I could do this the rest of my life.

Well I fell for it, hook, line, and cheese. Months would go by before I would wake up and notice that this guy hadn't cooked another meal for me.

Now don't get me wrong...he took me places and bought me plenty of meals...but the actual cooking of one? ... uh, where in sight.

Once we married he, of course, cooked meals here and there...but few and far between. Now, I will say that no one makes a turkey sandwich like my husband. And he does have a rare talent of turning a watermelon into a hippopotamus.

But just last month something changed all that. We happened upon a t.v. show on TLC channel called "Take Home Chef".

A chef named Curtis, picks up babes (well sometimes men, but mostly hot babes) in one of the fancy markets in L.A. (Gelson's or Whole Foods). He helps the woman pick out ingredients for someone's favorite meal...a husband, friend, children, roomate...and together they go back to this person's home to cook a meal.

The idea is that whoever the meal is being cooked for, will come home to this wonderful surprise of this strange chef and an entire camera crew in their home.

Now, Curtis, a hunky, friendly Australian, has a wonderful way of know...a little of this, and a little of that...but everything must have olive oil in it.

While cooking the meal, he is completely flirting with the hot babe, but all the while we, the viewers, are learning all about how to cook this fabulous meal.

Well...Mr. Cruisin' is completely enthralled with Curtis. I'm not sure if it's Curtis' hunkiness, or the Australian accent...but Mr. Cruisin' can't wait for this show to come on.

Am I worried about this unusual attraction to Curtis? Hell no.

And here's why:

Every time Curtis cooks...Mr. Cruisin' goes rushing to the market and cooks up the same thing!

Tell me this isn't like striking gold. My husband has been inspired to cook, all because of one hunky Australian.

Several times a week I come home to the smell of something incredible wafting through my home.

And there's Mr. Cruisin' practically dancing around the kitchen...shaking salt and pepper and olive oil anywhere he can. It's the most excited and animated I've seen the guy, since thinking he could be the next American Idol.

Thanks to husband has become a chef extraordinaire.

So girls, the lesson here is to never give up hope...just when you think that after 21 years you may never get more than a turkey sandwich...something happens to turn your world, or should I say kitchen, upside down.

Although, don't tell Mr. Cruisin'...but everytime I go to the market, I get all dolled up, waiting for Curtis to come find me...


I am a hot almost 51 year old babe.


Neil said...

But I doubt he can make a fondue like your husband can.

Ezzie said...

Heh. :)

Some men cook most of the time! (Or did, until we had jobs...)

Stacey said...

My husband doesn't cook. All he knows how to do is fry, fry, fry. Grease city!

Curtis sounds like a hunk, but he's got nothing on Mr. CM!

Anonymous said...

that was great...
and I DO wish I could take him home with me!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Even though I really enjoy cooking now, when we first got married, I knew how to make toast, cereal with milk, microwave popcorn with adult supervision (long story), and mac and cheese with help. This is at 22 - pathetic, I know. RaggedyDad taught me how to cook, and fielded a lot of questions like "do you peel the potatoes before or after you cook them?" Let's hear it for the men who cook!

Baleboosteh said...

Great story CM, oh what a laugh!

torontopearl said...

Let's get our hubbies together to compare culinary notes and recipes, shall we?

Bon Appetit, Randi!

Jack's Shack said...

Some men have jobs and still cook. ;)

Anonymous said...

I am so threatened whenever my husband says he wants to cook- he is so good at everything he puts his mind to I feel like I will be out of a job!
And yes, you are one very HOT almost 51 year old!

cheated are the clouds said...

Mr cruisin a man after my own heart, I love to cook and create, when I got married 28 years ago I was horrified my new bride could not cook anything and I do mean anything, but I always ate it, well except for once, cooking shows rock, my favorite is license to grill, another good post crusin you never dissapoint

kasamba said...

You are one lucky hot mama!!!
(My husband can dial takeout real quick)

Therapy Doc said...

See THIS is why I love marriage.

You wait around with the same guy/girl and then, completely out of nowhere, the key turns in the lock and voila!

It's so good.

Ezzie said...

(Side note: I just got a neighbor in trouble with his wife when I revealed that I cooked all the time while Serach was pregnant. His wife is pregnant.)

cruisin-mom said...

Neil: I wouldn't know...he hasn't cooked that for me in 24 years.

Ezzie: I have no doubt you are a great cook!

Stacey: Frying is a pain to clean up. Curtis is a hunk, but you're right...nothing compared to Mr. CM

towik: thanks! Yes, I do to!

raggedymom: thanks for stopping by:)
R.D. sounds like a keeper

baleboosteh: thanks :)

t.p.: I KNOW your hubby is a great don't need a Curtis

jack: are you one of those?

rcj: don't be threatened...just enjoy it!

catc: Can your wife cook now?

kasamba: hey, don't knock it...take out's a good thing!

therapy doc: first of all, thanks for stopping by...your blog is great...a blogging therapist out in the open...good for you. And you're never know where that key will turn, do you.

Ezzie: always getting people in trouble, aren't you? :)))))

marallyn ben moshe said...

all the years my kids were growing up my husband sat waiting to be now that the kids are gone he has become mr.crazy chef...he makes his own olives...rice...salads...and he's even started doing laundry and floors...there's an old yiddish expression that says...if you wait long enough you see everything...great blog...stay safe

cheated are the clouds said...

I should have mentioned, yes she can cook quite well now, although she is not a fan of cooking shows

Head over heel said...

I'm a chef that was my original profession. So naturally I'm the cook at home and I LOVE it.

We tried several times to cook something together unfortunately this always turned out into a kitchen war.

So now, once I'm in my field my hubby betters stays out of the kitchen ;-)

But he's excellent when it comes to vacuuming, folding the laundry etc. which I hate btw. So good job share!

Wendy said...

This is great! We watch cooking shows all the time but I haven't seen him... My hub is the primary cook around here - so no complaints from me!

And HAPPY BIRTHDAY on Saturday!!

Ezzie said...

Always, CM :)

Jack's Shack said...

Yes, I am.

Mia said...

My hubby loves to cook and to watch cooking shows. Very often specially on weekends he is cooking, which is great as he is very creative and tries out a lot of new things.....

cruisin-mom said...

MBM: Listen, better late than never!

Cheated: glad to hear she can cook now! Get her watching the take home chef...she'll become a fan!

HOH: how are a chef :). Thanks goodness your hubby can do all the other stuff.

Wendy: glad to hear your husband is the primary cook! thanks for the bday wishes.

Ezzie: :)

Jack: good for you

Mia: sounds like a good deal for you!

Doctor Bean said...

Today was the day! I hope it was a happy one.

Irina Tsukerman said...

Happy Birthday! : )

cruisin-mom said...

doc: Awww, you remembered, thanks :)))

Irina: good to see you here!