Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Who will you be voting for tonight?

Oh, so you think I'm shallow, because I LOVE American Idol?

Me and 50 million others...I guess I'm in good company.

I will be voting for Taylor, my favorite from day one.
(well, I really don't vote, I do have a life, you know).

He just exudes joy.

He has a great Michael McDonald type of voice.

You gotta love a guy with gray hair.

So, what do you think?


Jack's Shack said...

I think that the sooner this show gets cancelled the better off we'll be. ;)

jackt said...

Paula Abdul is on drugs and one day she will start foaming at the mouth on air. :)

Ezzie said...

I didn't watch from 9 people left until last week. Taylor is entertaining, Katherine is very good but *too* trained. Taylor will win.

And if they would replace Paula Abdul, that would be great!

Sweettooth120 said...

Yes, I actually never understood how those three "judges" if you can call them that, ever got cast. What is their background to make them worthy of listening to their opinions? And as for Paula, she seems like a really nice person, but pleeze, WHEN was her last hit single...198????

Sorry, I will be a good blogger now and go back to chilling out with my marguarita.

Bella's Mom said...

I am actually a big Chris fan!! I am so disappointed he's gone. I agree Taylor will win though.
I love the show, it's one of the only shows we watch. I'm trying to figure out what's going to replace it next week for me once it's over... I don't watch much TV !

cruisin-mom said...

Jack: curmudgeon!

jackt: I think she already has.

Ezzie: why is everyone so hard on Poor Paula?

S.T.: Well, Randy Jackson was in Journey, and is a record producer (has produced the likes of Mariah Carey) Simon is a huge record producer in England, and Paula had tons of hits, grammy's, sold millions of records.
Other than that, I don't know!!!

Hi Bella's mom: Nice to hear from you again! Yeah, Chris was great, he'll have a career anyway from being on A.M. If this is the only t.v. you watch...you must try Grey's Anatomy...now, that's a great show.

Neil said...

Not only do I love American Idol, which surprises even myself, I think I can safely say that is the most important and influential TV show on in the last 10 years.

cruisin-mom said...

Okay, Neil...now are you kidding or serious? Don't play with me here.

Wasn't Taylor great tonight?

kasamba said...

Not fair!
We don't get that show in these parts!

cruisin-mom said...

kasamba: but A.M. originated in England, didn't it?

Sweettooth120 said...

Ok, CM - you definitely know your American Idol! So tell me, on the night before they are about to vote someone off, do you eat Rocky Road icecream? : )

kasamba said...

We have Pop Idol!!!

Outoftown said...

CM: You are so right about Grey's Anatomy. But American Idol, I just can't get into.

Rebecca said...

you're not shallow, I'm addicted! how great was the show last night? It was such an exciting show and I loved seeing all those performances!
I have to say Catherine and Chris were my favorites to win, oh well!

cruisin-mom said...

outoftown: Welcome! Glad you understand the importance of Grey's Anatomy ;)
Sorry you don't like A.I. watch it from the beginning next time...you will get hooked! (your kids are so cute, by the way)

Hi Rebbeca: nice to hear from you again. (I checked out your blog, and yourlittle one has gotten so big... she's adorable)

Rebecca said...

thanks! yes, it's so hard to keep up with all the blogs I like and have time to write on mine consistantly, and ya know, have a life! I try to check everyone out every once in a while!