Thursday, May 04, 2006

5000 and counting

I love this picture. It describes exactly what I imagine a group of bloggers, meeting for the first time, would look like. How could bloggers possibly speak to one another without computers?

In June 2005, I officially set up "Cruisin-mom". I had been reading blogs for awhile by then, and thought it was about time I start lavishing a few lucky recipients with my 2 cents worth of comments.

Lucky them, right?

I knew I would never write anything of my own, because afterall, what on earth would I possibly have to say.

Well, after 6 months of Pearl and Robert pushing and prodding, I finally decided it was time to open my big mouth and put my money where my blog was.

Little did I know that up in that brain of mine, a whole lot of thoughts and feelings were just waiting to jump out and tell a story. I didn't even know I knew how to tell a story. (of course, some of you may think I don't)

But that's what I have been doing since December. Good, bad or indifferent...the stories have been coming.

I'm a shameless self-promoter. When I first began writing, I didn't hesitate to leave a comment on anyone's blog, telling them to come and read mine.

It's not because I think I have something better than anyone else to say. It's not because I write better than anyone, because God knows that's not true. It's not even because I need some ego-filling acknowledgement.

The fact is, I love the interaction. I find it fascinating, stimulating, educating, and most of all, heart-warming.

Without comments, this whole pursuit would be rather boring.

Because of this blog:

I have learned more about my religion than I knew existed.
I have learned more about conservative politics than I ever really wanted to know ;)
I have learned about what is in the hearts and minds of people spanning the timeline from childhood to adulthood.
I have learned what many women felt and remembered about becoming a young lady.
I learned to shoot a gun (OY).
I learned to bake babke (well, no not really, but I can purchase a mean one).
I have learned that many share my taste in movies and music and many don't.
I have learned that I had more to say about my dad who died when I was 10, than I could have imagined.
I have learned about the unthinkable, unimaginable grief that others are journeying through.
I have learned that my husband is a great sport and loves me to depths that even I was unaware of.

After I set up this blog last June, I never looked at it again...until last December.

What I noticed was astonishing. 87 people had come to visit my blog. And I hadn't even written anything yet! I couldn't understand why, so that became the subject of my first post.

I write this post today, because 5000 visits have been made to my blog. Thank you!

Woah...that means that in someway, somehow, things that I had to say, touched someone.
(Or not...maybe they just wanted to come see why someone had to the nerve to post such crappy writing).

Maybe someone laughed or cried, thought about things in a different way, or just realized they are not alone...upon reading something I had written.

I'm just a wife, mom, daughter, sister, aunt, and friend...that some people like, and some, well, maybe not so much. I'm a pretty good one special or famous.

But writing has made me feel special in a way I never expected. It has allowed me the opportunity to formulate thoughts and feelings into feel them, see them, and share them.

To me, the comments are everything.

They are what make the writing worthwhile.

They are the connection to other's thoughts, feelings, and hearts, that make this world just a little smaller, a little warmer, and a little less overwhelming.

And that just might even be better than t.v. and icecream.


Irina Tsukerman said...

Congratulations! You tell great stories, and you're doing a wonderful job with that blog. Here's to many more visitors to come! : )

Mia said...

I love reading your blog, hearing your hilarious stories, your touching words about your father, your husband and other people or animals in your life, You are making me think about my own life in a new way. Thanks for starting the blog and please don`t stop anytime soon!

Regina Clare Jane said...

Woo hoo! Congrats as well! I forget now how I even found you but I am sure glad I did! I always feel like I am right in the middle of your story telling and I love that about you! You are the best, cm! :)

torontopearl said...

*SNIFF*--call me a sentimental fool. This post actually made me weepy and smile at the same time.

I am glad you hooked yourself into the blogging world; I am glad that you find the most mundane things fascinating or fun enough to write about; I am glad that you found a wonderful means of self-expression (whether in your posts, or in your comments elsewhere).

Cruisin' Mom, I'm glad your words have found their way to us around the world. We are a lucky bunch.

torontopearl said...

Okay, you can write me an endorsement check now...!

kasamba said...

I just want to give you a huge cyber-hug and say that it's bloggers like you that make it all worthwhile!

Ezzie said...

Congrats! And the interaction is the best part for me as well... yet another reason I enjoy doing roundups.

Head over heel said...

Hands up for 5000 visitors!!! Great!! I love you blog - and don't you dare think of stopping this anytime soon :)))) You are an inspiration to any other blogger out there!!!! Congrats!

cruisin-mom said...

Irina: thanks, I appreciate you coming to read this old lady's blog!

Mia: Blogging has definitely made the world smaller for you and I, right?

RCJ: I found you...I read your comment somewhere, linked to you, and found Jerry Lewis/Dean Martin!

T.P. don't go getting all sentimental on me now. The check is coming...
(But thanks for what you said, really)

Kasamba: Wow, thank you! (how long do cyber arms have to be to give a hug?)

Ezzie: you are the king of round-ups, so generous.

HOH: well, I don't know how inspirational I am...I'm happy if someone gets a good laugh!

PsychoToddler said...

Y'know, it's intersting. I had dinner last night with a pair of bloggers, and we tried to figure out just what is the point of this whole blog business.

I really think the appeal is the sense of connection. Like you say, you have developed connections and started dialog with a whole group of people who, while similar to yourself, are just different enough that you probably never would have crossed paths, let alone develop friendships with them and learned to understand their points of view.

It's a fact the three of us would never have gotten together were it not for blogs, and I've shared so much with these two guys over the past year or two, it's hard to imagine not having them as friends.

Keep up the good work.

Robbie said...


It's always fun when milestones happen.

(like when you find your first wart.)

wanderer said...

Congratulations! I remember the days when you only would get like one or two comments - now your cup runneth over. You're turning into a superstar on the Seraphic or Treppenwitz level! Keep going!

Wendy said...

I'm having a really bad day. You just made it better. Thank you. I love reading your blog and getting to know you.

cruisin-mom said...

P.T.: I really like your analysis. I think you're absolutely right about how people are just different enough, that we never would have crossed paths otherwise.
I have always loved to learn about people, listen to their stories, so I suppose this is just an extension of that. I know that you and Doc Bean have become very close, and without blogging that never would have happened.

Robbie: Uh, can you say..."too much information"?

Wanderer: I, sir, am no Robert or Treppenwitz, but I certainly appreciate your kind words.
(Maybe people leave more comments hoping to get a babke from me, or they're afraid I'll shoot ;)

Wendy: I'm sorry you're having a lousy day. If I cheered you up a little, then yay for me.
I love your take on life, so I guess the feeling is mutual.

Mildred Garfield said...

I love reading your blog!! And that picture you have up there is what I have seen when my son gets together with his blogging buddies, they ALL have their computers on. When I first saw it I thought it was strange but now I understand where they are coming from.

All the things you said in this post are just my thoughts and feeling too.

Keep on blogging and having fun.

Sweettooth120 said...

Wow - that's awesome. Congrats!

cruisin-mom said...

Mildred: that's hysterical about your son! Thanks for coming by!

S.T.: Thanks :)

~ Sarah ~ said...

Well done! And may you have many more visitors in the future reading your wonderful posts :)

cruisin-mom said...

Sarah: Thank you. And I'm glad you stopped by...I see your comments everywhere...I just went to your blog, you're an amazing photographer.

Neil said...

Congrats, Blog Crush of the Day! Let's hope you get 50,000 during the next six months.

cruisin-mom said...

Neil: Now I KNOW I'm popular...i'm your blog crush of the day!

kimananda said...

5000 sounds to me like a lucky number! Congratulations! I've gotten here via Neil's crush of the day, and you are indeed a lovely girl for Neil to have a crush on. I'm sure I'll be back!

cruisin-mom said...

Kimananda: I'm so glad that, because Neil finally came to his senses, and developed a crush on came by! Thanks.
I, of course, had to see who you are, and noticed that you like Harold and Maude, Cat Stevens, and Barry White...therefore you're okay in my book. Don't worry, your time will come with Neil ;)

Sweettooth120 said...

So the real question is, when you become a superstar, will you still remember us little guys?

cruisin-mom said...

S.T.: You're funny.
The thing is, I always thought it would be fun to get comments. I didn't realize that what I would really enjoy is the interaction, and learning about what people think and feel from so many different places. That has been the best part.

Danny said...

Woo-hoo, 25 comments already! I agree with you that this interaction with people you otherwise would never meet is what makes blogging really fun. I am flabbergasted when I run across blogs that don't accept comments. On the other hand, I have to use all my emotional strength to not take it personally when I get few or no comments or start comparing myself to people who typically get 50+ on every post. "Blog envy"--a neurosis for the new millennium!

(Learned how to shoot a gun because of the blog??)

cruisin-mom said...

Danny: what I've discovered is that a lot of people read blogs and don't leave comments. So even when you receive few comments, that doesn't mean you haven't touched alot of people.
Read my post February 12 called Anything you can do, I can do Better, to learn about my encounter with a gun.

Stacey said...

Not a TV or ice-cream fan, but I do love your blog!!

cruisin-mom said...

Stacey: Oh My God! You don't like t.v. or icecream? YIKES! I'm glad you come here...I appreciate your writing so's always real and heartfelt.

westbankmama said...

Congratulations from someone who just discovered your blog (because you were nice enough to comment on mine). I hope to continue this new "friendship" - because that is what it really is, virtual or no.

cruisin-mom said...

WBM: Wow, thanks so much...I enjoy your blog too!