Thursday, February 14, 2008

"You look just like a friend of mine"

Awhile ago, I wrote this post about being told twice in my life that I look like Carrie Fisher.

I suppose if pushed, we could all come up with someone, at least one person, that we resemble.

But for me, it has been quite odd lately. Over the last several months, I have been stopped, no less than twice a week, by someone who just has to let me know I look exactly like someone they know.

People have actually confused me, albeit for a moment, with their friends. "Oh my gosh, you look just like my brother's ex-wife's sister-in-law".

Last week, the guy making sandwiches at Bristol Farm's Market, was positive I was his regular customer that comes in weekly...I have never set foot in that market before.

Just tonight, while paying for Big Hunk candy bars (for my "big hunk" of a husband on Valentine's day...yep, I'm a real sport), a lady in line looked at me and said, "wow, I thought you were my friend, who lives across town...I was wondering what you were doing all the way over here!!!!". And she laughed hysterically. (I'm so glad I could provide her with Valentine's day entertainment.)

This has really got me thinking...

What is it about my face that actually has people stopping me several times a week to say that I look just like someone they know?

I must be the most ordinary looking person on earth, who just looks like...EVERYONE.

Or, perhaps, I have a comforting, friendly face, that doesn't intimidate people, so they think I'm their friend.

Christ, maybe I'm so ugly that people tell me I look like their friend, hoping I won't feel too badly when I have to go home and look at myself in the mirror.

Maybe I'm one of those X-Men characters, Morph-ine...I morph into people's friends, right before their eyes.

Whatever the reason, it has been a very strange phenomenon...


Ezzie said...

I get that a lot, too. I think it's those 'normal' faces, and I'm hoping that it's that 'nice' factor. Everyone feels like they know you from somewhere.

Wendy said...

I've been told I look like Carrie Fisher, too. Maybe I look just like you, too!

Really, I think we look for familiarity wherever we go. It's comforting some how. I wonder if that's why we see similarities in faces of strangers?

Jack said...

You look like the woman who works for my dentist.

torontopearl said...

I was told the other day that I look EXACTLY like someone's best friend...who lives in Israel.

Like Wendy, I've always believed it's that we're always seeking some sign of familiarity, a point of reference so to speak, in our lives. Perhaps you don't look like someone, but in truth there's something about you that's reminiscent of the other person.

When I was having my university grad pics taken, the photographer said I looked so familiar to him. That's when I came up with a smart-ass comment that I've used ever since when approached by someone with that line: "...You probably saw me on the cover of VOGUE magazine!"

BTW, does Jack know something we don't know...?" :)

Jack said...

BTW, does Jack know something we don't know...?" :)

I know lots of things you don't know. ;)

Val said...

um... if you'd post a pic, I could tell you exactly who you look like! :)

Elie said...

Hmmm - I don't get that too often, but the other week, I was in shul at a big crowded mass kiddush, and a woman said to me "Are you looking for your wife, she's over there" and then pointed to a woman who was most certainly not my wife! She then did a double-take and apologized for confusing me with someone else.

cruisin-mom said...

Ezzie: you definitely have one of those friendly faces!
Wendy: Looking for familiarity...interesting theory...well, then, I must be like an old blanket!
Jack: how did you know that was me?
T.P.: Yes, I'm sure that people are mistaking me for Heidi Klum
Val: fat chance :)

Jack said...

Jack: how did you know that was me?

Because I saw you typing this very post at the office.

Arrrteest said...

I was going to send you a thank you for the condolence on the passing of my father. Your posting is appropriate because one of the funny characteristics of my father was that he always thought he saw somebody he knew, and would go up to them and realize a bit too late that it wasn't who he thought it was. When he was wrong, which was usually, we would have this look like "uh, we don't know him either," as we tried unsuccessfully to distance ourselves.

... Is the Window to Our Soul said...

you know its funny, when I saw your pic, I also thought you look just like a woman I know. Not sure if I ever told you that.

I, on the other hand, never get mistaken for anyone else. Hmm, what does that say about me?