Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Did you know I'm a Princess?

Recognize this picture? Unless you were born yesterday, it's hard to imagine you don't know who that is. But just in case you were born yesterday...I'll elaborate.

That is Princess Leia, aka, Carrie Fisher.

Twice in my life, I have been told that I resemble her. And you know what? I can see it.

Look at the babkes on either side of her head. Notice the gun. It's easy to see how someone could mistake her for me.

The first time I was told this, many years ago, I was dining in a restaurant called Ed Debevic's...a 50's diner that I believe no longer exists, where the servers dressed up and took on the character of someone in the 50's.

Toward the end of the meal, the waiter excitedly announced, "hey, I know who you look like... that girl in Star Wars".

I immediately blushed. Of course my kids and husband thought the guy had lost his mind...but I could tell, this guy could really get his "Hollywood" on. I'm sure it had nothing to do with the fact that it was "tip" time, and the guy just wanted me to feel like a, uh-hem, princess.

A couple of days ago, I was told that I resemble Carrie Fisher, for the second time in my life. Now, I figured it had to be true...I mean, to a be told twice constitutes...a pattern...a validation, if you will.

And these people know what they're talking about. They are fellow bloggers that I had the pleasure to meet, who shall remain nameless, unless they choose to name themselves.

There was a bit of a twist to it this time. They said I look like Carrie Fisher from "When Harry Met Sally" days.

Why of course, why hadn't I seen it myself? This is my absolute favorite movie in the world. I've watched it at least 25 times. I realize now, the similarities between Carrie and I are endless.

Let's compare, shall we?

Carrie Fisher is hysterical. I'm hysterical.

She has brown hair. I have brown (gray) hair.

She is half Jewish. I'm Jewish.

The father of her daughter left her because he was gay. Mr. Cruisin is a happy guy.

She's a brilliant writer. Well, we all know, I'm a brilliant writer.

She's had a successful movie career. I have home movies dating back to the 50's that are quite entertaining.

Her mother danced with Gene Kelly. My mother, well, didn't.

And so there you have it...Carrie Fisher, my virtual twin.

And so, next time you see a gal walking down the streets of L.A. that you think is Princess Leia, just remember, you are probably looking at moi.

But, please don't approach me...you can have your people call my people, and perhaps we'll do lunch sometime.


Regina Clare Jane said...

I thought you were David Letterman's virtual twin??? HA!
Tee hee- great post!

torontopearl said...

Great post, indeed!

Hey, Carrie Fisher...meet Molly Ringwald -- I've been told on a couple of occasions that she and I bear a resemblance -- aside from being "pretty in pink". Truth is we have similar mouths and smiles, and I think that's as far as it goes.

kasamba said...

Whoo hoo!
OMG you are too funny!
I recall those babkes like it was yesterday!
(Hey, I guess this makes me a celebrity stalker!)

jackt said...

If you're gonna put up a pic of Princess Leia, ALWAYS use the one of her in the gold bikini from Return of the Jedi. That'll spike your traffic.

Also did you see her speech when they did that tribute show to George Lucas? It was the funniest roast I've ever heard.

Ralphie said...

I resisted the urge to get two cinnamon rolls from the buffet and hold them up to your ears...

(Actually, I'm told if you do that you can hear the bakery.)

I'm babbling.

Ezer K'negdo said...

LOL! I have been told I look like my mother . . . hmmmmm

Wendy said...

Now I'll know you if I see you on the street!

I remember a friend putting cinammon buns on her ears and saying, "Who am I?" You guessed it!

cruisin-mom said...

RCJ: well, he is the twin to my "inner" male!

T.P.: I just saw Molly Ringwald on t.v. the other night...she's not 16 anymore :(

kasamba: stalk me all you want.

jackt:I thought about using that pic...didn't want to cause too much excitement. And, yes...I saw her tribute, she is wicked funny.

ralphie: LOLOLOL...you should have done it. "you can hear the bakery"... you are so funny.

E.K.: you look like your mother? how boring...I look like Letterman and Carrie Fisher...makes you wonder where my mother has been.

Wendy: And if you see me on the street, be sure to offer me some cinnamon rolls ;)

Doctor Bean said...

I 'fess up. It was my wife and I who thought you look like Carrie Fisher! And we're sticking to that opinion.

It was a treat to meet you.

Head over heel said...

Cool post - I dated once a man who looked like Jeremy Irons (the 40' year version). That was the first thing people mentioned when they met him. After a while it became quite annoying for him and me!!!

Sweettooth120 said...

For anyone who has seen my picture, would DEFINITELY know that I DON'T look like Farrah Faccet or Jessica Lange, but love is VERY Blind and for some strange reason, an old boyfriend of mine, would tell me that whenever he would watch a movie one of them was in.

I remember mentioning that to my family and I thought they were all going to have heart attacks from laughing so hard (more like snorting.)

Though, when I was younger, I did get Ally Sheedy, Mimi Rogers and Amy Irving.

Sweettooth120 said...

and Ralphie - that was really funny. What a great line.

cruisin-mom said...

Doc Bean: thanks for fessing up! It was a pleasure and fun to meet you guys too. What a lovely day.

HOH: Jeremy Irons...not bad!

Sweettooth: I've seen your pic...you are ADORABLE! And yes, Ralphie is a crack-up and even funnier in person!!

PsychoToddler said...

If I shaved off my beard, I'd look a little like Jerry Seinfeld. If I lost, like, 40 pounds. And could tell jokes.

I think I got the accent down.

Actually, I don't know what you look like, but I think the PT looks a little like Carrie Fisher. She certainly has the attitude.

socialworker/frustrated mom said...

Funny pic, I can't imagine you look anything like her.

Jack's Shack said...


I haven't been to the La Cienega location in years. I suppose that this means that it is gone.

cruisin-mom said...

swfm: I look exactly like her...especially the hair.

Jack: it's GONE! We went to have dinner there a few years ago, and to our suprise...poof...gone! It was a fun place.

Mirty said...

Every time I wear challahs on the sides of my head, people think I look like Princess Leia. Also when I wear my gold bikini.

cruisin-mom said...

Mirty: I know exactly what you mean. I can't put that damn bikini on...people just follow me wherever I go.

mosheshmeal said...

Never heard of the lady.

You live and learn.

cruisin-mom said...

mosheshmeal: tell me you're kidding!

mosheshmeal said...

Cruisin- Wish I was. It was hard eough for me to admit, no need to rub it in. Omg, I'm gonna cry now.

cruisin-mom said...

Mosheshmeal: Oooops, sorry!

Amy said...

Funniest thing. I just found your blog and I am actually, biologically related to Carrie Fisher and look nothing like her. She is my second cousin. An no, I've never met her, and no, I don't care. Although my kids love to boast about it. When I was in school my claim to fame was being related to EDDIE FISHER to the teachers. Times change.

cruisin-mom said...

kvetch blogger: Hi! That's hysterical...you must be around my age if the teachers were impressed by the Eddie Fisher factor. I tried to access your blog but I guess you don't have one. Thanks for stopping by and telling your story. I am actually a big Carrie Fisher fan, I think she's a riot.