Monday, January 14, 2008

You're pathetic DAWG

Call me pathetic, call me what you will.


I can hardly contain my excitement. Tomorrow is the start of American Idol.


I love this show. I watch it from beginning to end.

Why, you ask?

Well, maybe it's the simplicity of it. Maybe it's that I'm jealous and wish I could sing. Maybe it's the fun of watching Paula Abdul, or Randy say DAWG just one more time, or hearing Simon give it to someone.

Maybe it's that I can lay on my couch and not think.

My line of work touches and breaks my heart just a little each and every day. (I will not mention what that is, but trust me, it's true...and I am honored and privileged to do what I do).

So, to lay on my couch at night, and be entertained, and laugh, and follow along with the triumphs and losses of people just trying to live out a dream, hey, why not.

Some say, American Idol is the easy way out. I don't agree. Because if you should make it all the way to the end, and win, you still have to prove yourself viable. In fact, many who have not made it to the end, have faired even better.

So, I'm off to Trader Joes so I can stock up on food for tomorrow night.

I'll be grabbing a big bowl of ice cream, laying on the couch, cheering the contestants on.


reflectionsofarabbiswife said...

My boys have been literally counting the days - they think Simon is HILARIOUS!

Elie said...

My kids all love AI also. I could never get into reality shows in general, but they're so big on this one that maybe I'll give it a try.

torontopearl said...

You will be so pleased to know that tonight my daughter ADINA and I watched the show. (she'd asked me so nicely if we could; I said after all homework was done)I was laughing, I was crying...
I think these trials are almost better than the true competition, don't you?
Adina insists tomorrow night we watch the Texas try-outs. I'll be on my couch, just like you'll be on yours, and watching again.

Val said...

I, too, LOVE this show, but the auditions are a bit much for me. I cannot believe how all those people will subject themselves to ridicule and truly believe that they have talent. When they weed out the rif-raf, I'm a regular fan! Couch & ice cream are a MUST HAVE for watching the show!

Elie said...

I find it sad and pathetic that people would humiliate themselves like that in front of millions of viewers. I suppose some of them are doing it on purpose to get a laugh, but many of them really have no clue. It boggles the mind.

cruisin-mom said...

E.K.: LOL...did they enjoy the first two nights?

elie: I am guilty of watching some reality...not all.

T.P.: Well, I have to say, I really love it when they pick the final 12, and the real "voices" can be heard.

Val: Yeah, the auditions can be a bit tough to watch. They must get good ratings, or I'm guessing they wouldn't do it.

elie: I agree, most of them know exactly what they are doing. But some really are clueless. Simon is acutally nicer this season than ever.