Sunday, December 16, 2007

Does this make my butt look big?

AWWWWW...the holidays...



And so here is what I am acutely aware of this holiday season...

My derier enters the room about 5 minutes after I do.

Yep...everything I eat goes straight to you-know-where. The cake, candy, and cookies do not pass GO. They make a bee-line for my (in the words of Tyra Banks) "big fat ass".

Now, really, is this such a bad thing? Let's face's worked well for J Lo hasn't it? Kim Kardashian had a whole show planned around her big booty airing on the scholarly "E" network.

So why shouldn't it work for a menopausal, post mid-life, Jewish woman, right?

In fact, I say, a big rear is like wrinkles...they are earned.

With hard work.


Getting rid of wrinkles has never made sense to me. Have you seen botoxed women? Their foreheads literally do not move. What happened to aging gracefully? As far as I'm concerned, each little line and wrinkle is a like a road map.

A map that carefully lays out where you have been. The heartaches, the triumphs, the wins and losses, the births and deaths that have boosted up or torn out your heart.

All of these expressed in the little lines that run through our faces.

Wrinkles really are a beautiful thing. They are wisdom, laughter and tears all rolled into one.

And so, I say it's time we re-think the rear end.
It's time to find it's beauty, wisdom, and true meaning.
It's time to stand up and let the big rear be counted.

We must appreciate a large tush for what it really is...

it is a woman's expression of having lived a "full" life.

And so, the next time you realize yours is entering 5 minutes behind you...remember,

it is merely a testament to...

a lifetime of talent, beauty, inner strength, and wisdom.


torontopearl said...

...and with our big butts...and the attitude that goes with it...we can kick butt!!

Should I say Touché -- or do I merely say "Tooshie"?!

Great post; I big butt thank you for being our spokesperson.

PsychoToddler said...

Y'know, I had a post with the same title.

I was talking about my WALLET.

Shira Salamone said...

Cruisin, count me in as one of the "hip-sters." :) TorontoPearl and I are gonna go kick butt!

Wallet, schmallet (though that was a funny post)--wait 'til you're 58, Mark/PT :)

Claire said...

What a lovely post! Really made me smile!


cruisin-mom said...

T.P.: Happy to be the big butt spokesperson!

P.T.: We all love a man with a big wallet.

S.S.: hip-sters! LOL

Claire: awww, thanks, glad I could make you smile

Wendy said...

I agree wholeheartedly about the wrinkles!

I have to tell you that my trainer (a big strong handsome black man, by the way) tells me..."if you lose your butt, you lose your trainer" so I guess mine is here to stay!