Wednesday, August 13, 2008



That's the sound you could hear my last post make.


That's where my last post fell.


That's the color I turned when only 2 people responded.

What the hell? WTF?

Am I (and the 2 people who commented) the only one who had an opinion about John Edwards?

As I wrote that last post, I thought:

"Oh yeah, Cruisin-mom, you are brilliant. EVERYONE'S gonna want to comment on this one. This one will kick everyone in the gut, and bring commenters out of the woodwork".

So where are you people? No opinion? Is this subject just a hot potato?



Ezzie said...

Eeew, John Edwards... :P

PsychoToddler said...

I like the glasses thingie in the picture.

Mildred Garfield said...

ok, here's my comment - I just finished reading "The Senator's Wife" by Sue Miller.

The senator cheats on his wife, one affair after another (they are separated) and he has the nerve to ask her to campaign with him because she is an asset to him.

She agrees!! I bet there are a lot of arrangements like that in real life.

What a book - and then I read the news about Edwards!!

torontopearl said...

I'm not American; I couldn't vote on your opinion! :)

But I did read someone else's blog post of disgust re. John Edwards just before coming across your posts. I guess it's unanimous: eeew, as Ezzie said.

Elie said...

I had no comments because Edwards' disgusting and cruel actions speak for themselves. Also, since Edwards lost the nomination anyway - and since (IMO) the Democratic candidate who beat him out is far more unfit for the job than Edwards could ever be - focusing on Edwards' personal failings seems rather pointless.

Val said...

Cruisin... there's no crying in blogging!!! ;)

2nd of all, if I've learned NOTHING in my life, it's not sit in judgement.

Every relationship has 2 sides. We're only knowing one side.

Certainly, the side we know is not good, HOWEVER, obviously, the relationship must have had some issues.

It's sad. That it had to be out in the public.

cruisin-mom said...

Oh Ezzie, now is that very mature? ;)

P.T. Does it remind you of you?

Millie:I agree with you, I think that is probably more the norm than not.

T.P.: nice try! but I ain't fallen for it!

Elie: interesting point. I've heard others say it doesn't matter since he's not the candidate. And yet, had he been, he would have created quite a problem.

Val: LOL that is my all time favorite line from "A league of their own" (no crying in baseball)

While I understand what you're saying about not knowing each side...I find it hard to believe that Elizabeth is responsible for his crappy behavior. Anyone ever see FATAL ATTRACTION? Sometimes, people just choose not to control themselves.

HeyJoe said...

And yet THIS post gets comments up the ying, or at least eight (me being #8)

Claire said...

Should I feel smug or worried at being one of the two who DID comment?


cruisin-mom said...

Joe: sometimes you have to guilt your readers into responding (hey, I'm not above that...and it worked, right? ;)

Claire: why, smug, of course. Beauty and brains :)

Val said...

I never said that Elizabeth was fully RESPONSIBLE, but she's a part of the problem.

And did you see that the original "Dottie" just passed away just the other day?

cruisin-mom said...

Val: I didn't know that about Dottie until just sad. I absolutely love, love, love that movie.

Another meshugannah mommy said...

I was heartbroken and soooo disappointed in him. What a low life.

cruisin-mom said...

AMM:I hear ya!