Sunday, November 18, 2007

can I quote you?

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

I found this quote today, and thought it quite appropriate for my birthday.

I think it's true. If you can find what makes you come alive (hopefully it's legal and doesn't hurt others)...then what could be better for the world?

We are here for such a short time. It seems that we should really make an effort to be "alive", productive, meaningful, and touch a heart or two.

It's not always an easy accomplishment though, is it?

Have you found what makes you come alive?


treppenwitz said...

Best wishes for a wonderful day!

torontopearl said...

You're one babke-lovin' babe. Have a great b'day and a super year, CM!

Mildred Garfield said...

Happy birthday to you.

What makes me come alive is what I am doing right now - Blogging. ;-)

cruisin-mom said...

Trepp: what a nice surprise! thanks

T.P.: I wish we could share a babke...thanks for the wishes.

Mildred: I think you are wonderful...and, so far, you are the only one who answered my question!

Mata Hari said...


happy birthday

Wendy said...

Happy Birthday. I'll need to think about what makes me come alive - my kids? writing? digging for that perfect answer (I'm a researcher!)?

have a great thanksgiving...

Shira Salamone said...

Happy birthday!

I'm basically a song-and-dance gal. I love singing harmony and going folk dancing. This has been a bit challenging since the foot surgery (fortunately minor) and the discovery of the polyp on the vocal cords, but I manage as best I can. (When in reasonably decent voice, I do a mean second harmony to Psycho Toddler's/Mark's "Shoshanat Yaakov"--see, or rather, hear,

And I must say that I enjoy writing my blog, as well. I always knew I was a blabbermouth, but I didn't know how bad a one I was. :)

Jack's Shack said...

Happy Birthday

cruisin-mom said...

Mata hari: I wish I could dance...instead, I just watch dancing with the stars and live vicariously.

Wendy: when you find the answer, let us know!

SS: girl after my own heart: singing and dancing! I understand what you are saying about blogging...I have surprised myself with how much I have to say as well.

Jack: thanks :)