Friday, September 21, 2007

Oops, he did it again...

No, don't worry, this is not another Britney story.

Well, just a little over a year ago, the following happened:

For those of you who follow the writings of this mostly mundane blog, you'll remember that the amazing Mr. Cruisin' broke a toe while bravely rebuilding our patio cover for the entire summer of '06.

After a year of recovery,(don't worry, unlike his wife, he did not spend a year on his ass watching American Idol and eating icecream)he boldly decided to run some wiring in the ceiling of his office, so his air conditioner might work more efficiently.

As he readied himself to take on the ceiling, tools and ladder in hand, I of course, nagged him about not doing this himself and risking falling off the ladder.

Me: "Mr. Cruisin', you're not the young hunk you once were...perhaps you shouldn't be climbing a ladder all by yourself, you could fall and break something".

Mr. C: "Oh pu-leeeeze...I've been doing this all my life...I don't need's no big deal...what could possibly go wrong?"

ding ding ding...those words are always the kiss of death.

Fast forward an hour or so...

Phone rings:

Mr. C: "What are you...a witch?

Me: "Huh?"

Mr. C: Well, guess what? I was coming back down the ladder, missed the last step, twisted my ankle, and down I went. But don't worry, it's not broken. No big deal...just a bit purple".

So, what's a big-mouth wife to do? I was at a cross roads...should I be a supportive, compassionate wife, or lace into my poor, mis-steppin', old hunk of a man?

Afterall, this scene could've played out so many different ways...a broken hip; a split head; passed out. Hopefully he had clean underwear on, or any underwear on...could you imagine being found by paramedics with dirty underwear?

Luckily, the worst did not happen. A person can survive a sprained ankle...although not easy to get around when your job requires you to be on your feet all day.

But my Mr. Cruisin' never complains...he marches on (so to speak), with nary a gripe.

ME...I'd be wining, complaining, and demanding as much icecream as is humanly possible for one ailing person to eat.

And do you think my husband learned a lesson from all of this?

Of course not...he'll be back up a ladder in no time. Luckily for me...

Purple is my favorite color.


Mackis5 said...

Boys!!!! the will never learn it! I don´t even have a chance to say something when my hubby climbs a ladder or something similar. He will just tell me: don´t you know by now, that I can only do one thing at the time, so whatever you are saying I can´t listen, since I am ON A LADDER now doing.... (whatever he is doing) :) Luckily so far, I wasn´t a witch and he never fell, but time will tell....


Bubblan (Bubble in Swedish) said...
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Jewish Smörgåsbord said...

sorry, this was me, had a problem with all our accounts and figuring out which is the right one to use :(

torontopearl said...

Gee, and he has to give you something like this to blog about!

Hope he manages as best as he can, hope you manage with him as much as you can...and hopefully in a year you won't need have another reason like this to finally post again!

Shanah tovah to the cruisin' family -- GOOD HEALTH and lots of happiness.

Sweettooth120 said...

Ouch - hope he gets better quickly.

I was thinking about you the other night. I was lying on the couch, watching The Singing Bee and eating ice cream.

hope to read more posts from you.

Shana Tova

Jack's Shack said...

Just let the men be men. We're going to do it anyway. ;)

Ezzie said...


Serach's fave color is purple, too... it was all over the family at the wedding.

We're coming out to LA next week, btw... ;)

Wendy said...

Yikes. Men!
I hope he feels better. And yes, he did give you fodder for the blog!

marallyn ben moshe said...

WELCOME BACK...I MISSED YOU...chag sameach and a sweet new year

cruisin-mom said...

thank you all for coming by and commenting (and remembering that i'm still here!)