Thursday, August 03, 2006

Weighing in on Mel (why not, everyone else is)

So, a fifty year old white guy steps out of a bar, gets into his car to speed down Pacific Coast Highway, in a bit of a drunken stupor.

Just his luck, he's pulled over by a Jewish cop. Eureka! What could be better for an anti-semitic, rich, drunk, white guy, than to be pulled over by a Jewish Cop...perhaps, a female Jewish Cop?

The rich, drunk, white guy unloads on the Jewish Cop in an anti-semitic hits the papers...the t.v. and anywhere else the story can make it's way to.

Now, mind you, rich, drunk, white guy realizes he's f*#ked up royally, hires every p.r. person available to write up an apology, and moves swiftly to make sure those words are conveyed to the media.

Not only does rich, drunk, white guy decide to cleanse his body of the evil alcohol, but realizes that his spiritual soul needs a good talking to by none other than some of them evil Jews, you know, the ones who started all the wars? Wow, we really are the chosen people! Cool!

Well, it seems that this one rich, drunk, white guy, has completely tilted the world's axis. News media, talk show radio and t.v. is all a flutter with this news.

I mean, afterall, rich, drunk, white guy is from HOLLYWOOD...what could be more important than HOLLYWOOD? Really...what?

So every talk show host has to weigh in on rich, drunk, white, guy...

"when you're drunk do you say what you mean?", "do you mean what you say", "are you revealing the real you?", "are you revealing things taught to you by your holocaust-denying father who you won't denounce while publicizing your latest works on God himself"?

Everyone from Dr. Phil to Geraldo Rivera have had something to say.

Dr. Phil wants to know "so how's that an-ti-sem-ee-tism thing workin' for ya, Mel? Why don't cha come on my show, and I'll completely humiliate you like I did Pat O'Brien?"

Geraldo said that if the world can forgive him for four divorces and finding nothing in Al Capone's vault, then the world will probably forgive Mel. Nonetheless, the Jewish half of Geraldo was quite pissed about the whole incident.

Hmmm, funny, haven't heard from Dreamworks yet...

Thank goodness this rich, drunk, white guy has given us such a story (and such a surprise) to focus on these last several days. Because, Lord knows, we don't won't to focus on those nasty little terrorists half way around the world.

Now don't get me wrong...I think rich, drunk, white guy was out of line too. Especially a rich, drunk, white guy who holds himself out as someone important enough to teach us the history of Jesus Christ.

But, quite frankly, the joke is on he has to go spend all of this time, cleansing his soul with none other than a whole bunch of them Jewish spiritual leaders. They'll probably have him dancing the horah, and eating lox and bagels in no time.

But don't worry Mel, Geraldo is right...we'll all forget about this real soon and move onto the next important Hollywood story...because afterall, that's what it's really all about it...

WE worship and put people on pedestals, people who don't deserve to be there, and then go crazy when they fall off.

Maybe we need to think about who we are worshipping and why...maybe that is the real crux of the problem.


cruisin-mom said...

well, usually by now I have at least one comment...did I offend people with this post?

torontopearl said...

It's an excellent post -- I just found it. And I love your writing style.
I'm just waiting to hear if Rabble-rouser Gibson will speak from the pulpit of Hollywood's Temple of theArts on Yom Kippur, as he was invited to do. We have that day to atone for our sins, why not him, too, thought Rabbi David Baron. Hmmm, pretty good publicity for he and his congregation, huh? And I wonder if any of Mel's "people" who work closely with him are Jewish and what they think!

Claire said...

Good post, as always. I'm just a little lazy as the week wears on!

Head over heel said...

We did not get the story overhere, however I read something on Yahoo about it. Very good post should be posted in the newspaper!!! BTW never liked Mel.

cheated are the clouds said...

Nicely said cruising, lets look at the real reason and let Mel deal with his own convictions, No human should be on that pedestal, it was not designed for us, way to speak out!!

Stacey said...

Fabulous post, CM! I am beyond disgusted w/him and would not be upset if he never worked again in Hollywood (like THAT would happen)!

But as he told the cop, he "owns" Malibu so I guess he will never need to worry.

I keep reading what a devoted husband and father he is. If so, why was he not home with his wife and 7 children, and instead partying with strangers until 2 AM?

cruisin-mom said...

C.M.: don't be so taken with yourself.

T.P.: yes, wouldn't that be wonderful publicity for that Rabbi and his congregation.

Claire: awww, thanks! Glad you stopped by.

HOH: thanks HOH...used to like Mel...can't say that anymore!

CATC: Just one woman's opinion. Pedestals are for statues that can't move and breath.

Stacey: thanks...and that's an excellent point...I've never known my husband to be out til 2 a.m. drinkin' and partyin' with a bunch of strangers...

StepIma said...

I've been disgusted with him since the garbage started happening before The Passion came out (and even if the movie itself wasn't damaging - I can't speak about that since I haven't seen it - his actions and words were inflamatory against Jews from before it was even out... if you have access, check out Frank Rich's old columns in the NY Times archives during the lead-up to the film's release)

But I do think it's interesting that someone who clearly believes in the notions of the "Protocols" now feels he needs to be healed by talking to "Jewish Leaders." well, duh. They control the world from the shadows, so only they can restore him. I'd much rather he came out saying he wanted to have a dialogue with ordinary Jews (not that I know what that means). Go to a Jewish nursing home, or a day school.

Though honestly, I don't know if any of this is going to help... if he genuinely harbors special resentment against us, then why wouldn't this semi-enforced heart-thumping for the benefit of people whom he already perceives as professional victims with giant clubs only make it worse? Interfaith dialogue could stand a chance, or interracial groups. But being held up as a sacrificial lamb before THE JEWS just proves his initial point, that THE JEWS are out to get poor little Mel Gibson, that they won't be satisfied until they get his blood, and that he's willing to make that noble sacrifice if that's what it takes for him to continue to do his work for the sake of Jesus. This round of apologies is just him publicly scourging himself, like you-know-who.

Anyway, that's my two cents.

cruisin-mom said...

Stepima: thanks for your 2 cents... I really like what you've said. I heard an old interview with him this morning, where he said "I love the Jews, I pray for them"...gee thanks Mel, didn't know we NEEDED praying for.

PsychoToddler said...

A Jewish Cop?? Who ever heard of such a thing!

cruisin-mom said...

Like what Jewish mother would actually allow their son to become a cop?